Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Trifecta= My Old Kentucky Home Edition

Greeetings, race fans. This week, the Trifecta comes to you a day earlier to accommodate the Camping World Truck Series race, but don't worry if you missed it. You still have four other races to choose from. That's right, this week is one of two "Super" weekends this season in which all five series have races on the schedule.

This week's starting line up:
Hanny CR tez kristen Dwindy moseby SB jon

This week's races:
1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Kentucky, Thursday July 7; green flag drops at 8:16pm ET. (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR NAtionwide Series race from Kentucky, Friday July 8; green flag drops at 7:45pm ET. (entry list)

3.)The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Kentucky, Saturday July 9; green flag drops at 7:46pm ET.

4.) The F1 British Grand Prix, Sunday July 10; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

5.) The IndyCar Honda Indy Toronto from Toronto, Sunday July 10: green flag drops at 2:15pm ET.

There you go. Good luck, and let's go racing.


  1. Trucks--ESad



    I'd go with the E-fecta, but he's not in the Cup race.

  2. CWTS.... KYLE!

    NW...... Logano

    F-1..... Vettel

  3. Hey SB!

    CWTS - Hornaday

    NW - Kyle

    Cup - Stewart

    Thank you very much!

  4. Trucks - Kyle "I miss having Kevin in these races" Busch
    F1 - Sebastian "quit trying to jinx me, Tez!" Vettel
    Indycar - Will "making it a Queensland sweep this week" Power

    a sidenote....I do hope that the V8's will be included for the Bathurst and Gold Coast races in October because I can tell you right now that they will be one of my three picks.

  5. Hmmm, going to take Tez up on his math-o-matical tricks with this trifecta...

    Cup - Logano!
    F1 - Alonso!
    IRL - Dario! Dario!

  6. NW- Kyle Busch
    F1- Sebastian Vettel
    Indycar- Dario Franchitti

    V8 veggie juice Tez? lol

  7. The Beagle is going with:

    NNS- Joey
    SCS- Tony
    F1- Webber

  8. Well... Hornaday blew it :( ... & I do have to say I've never seen a hood come loose during a race and knock a top competitor out of a chance to win...

    Anyway, I guess I've got to go the hard way and take the penalty. Ms. SB, could you please put me down for Hamilton in the F1 race?

    Thank you very much!

  9. Cup - Carl Edwards
    F1 - Vettel
    IRL - Briscoe

  10. Yeah, since everyone took Vettel for British GP might as well change my pick to Hamilton.

  11. Hmmm I think I'll take


    instead of Logano for Cup....

  12. I'm dumping Joey's 10th place finish in NW, and taking KYLE! in the Cup race.

  13. After everyone has completed one:

    Hanny 1
    tez 1
    kristen 1
    CR 3
    moseby 5
    jon 6
    Dwindy 8
    SB 10

  14. the beagle is taking the penalty and dropping the Cup race for Dixon in the IngyCar race.

  15. Hi SB!

    Sorry to keep changing up here (Dang Hornaday!)... I'd like to replace Hamilton in the F1 race with young Mr. Webber.


  16. Well, since Kristen is working on a perfect score, and we both have Dario... I'll change my Indycar pick to Will Power. Thanks SB!

  17. Well dang it! I see Tez has Will Power... OK, make mine Scott Dixon. That's my final answer!

  18. With one to go, Kristen is working on a perfect score. Hanny, Jon, and Dwindy have finished their races.

    Standings after everyone has completed two races:

    kristen 2
    tez 3
    CR 5
    Hanny 7
    moseby 9
    jon 11
    SB 18
    Dwindy 20

  19. Holy crap Alonso finally won one for me! This system you got Tez is working pretty well I must say...Come on Dario! Dario!

  20. you mean you doubted me, Kristen?

  21. Looking good for K as Dario just caught a *huge* break! He pitted before Scott and Will, then the yellow came out so he'll be leading at the restart with those 2 stuck around 12th or so.

  22. Yellow again...Hinchcliffe and Tracy squabbling over the same piece of road; that doesn't tend to work very well on a street course. Scott is up to 6th, Will back in 11th, Dario still leading.

  23. coming up to halfway through....on lap 41 of 85.

  24. Another crash. This one is right on the edge of the fuel window so everyone will be in conservation mode, unless someone decides to do what Gil de Ferran did back in 1999 at Portland and just go flat out to build up enough of a lead for a splash and go.

    Of course, that's very risky given the chance of another caution....

  25. Conway and Briscoe hit each other...local yellow only, 28 laps to go.

  26. drivethrough penalty for Dario; causing a collision. Scott is looking rather handy all of a sudden, lol

  27. Rahal, Hunter-Reay, Franchitti, Dixon, Wilson the top 5 with 22 to go...Rahal is iffy on fuel, Dario has got off, race control just reversed their call so no penalty for Dario.

  28. Caution again....Power got spun around again, by Tagliani this time. 19 to go, Rahal leading Dario, Ryan and Scott.

  29. Will absolutely ripping into Dario in his interview, wow.

  30. Caution yet, these guys are seriously sucking today, it's like they all need 'L' plates or something.

  31. restart - yellow....for the millionth time today, lol

  32. Dario wins...I think. Depends on any postrace stuff but, if he has, well done K!

  33. Well done, K, indeed! Kristen gets her first win of the season and does it in grand style with a perfect score. Just how grand is it? Because of the perfect score, Kristen vaults from last to 4th in the overall standings(of course we're all still chasing Dwindy).

    The final standings:

    kristen 3
    CR 7
    Hanny 9
    moseby 16
    SB 20
    Dwindy 23
    tez 27
    jon 27

  34. BTW, Kristen- do you know what Brenham, Texas is famous for, yet????

  35. WTG Kristen! YOU ROCK!!

    Thanks for the color analysis of the race Tez. I missed all the open wheel action this weekend.

  36. ...I should have kept Dario for the tie-breaker point at the end of the season...

  37. Congrats on the Tri, Kristen! They don't grow on trees.

  38. Speedy, could you put up the latest Trifecta standings, otherwise known as the Dwindy Report?

  39. Your wish is my command-

    Straight from the speadsheet(unfortunately it doesn't line up right in the comment box. PS=perfect score)

    dwindy 6 0 16 6 8
    Hanny 2 0 11 9 2
    cr 2 0 9 8 3
    kristen 1 1 8 4 3
    Tez 1 0 9 5 1
    SB 1 0 6 10 8
    moseby 1 0 5 7 2
    jon 1 0 1 6 6

  40. Woohoo!!! Seems like Dario (and I) caught a lucky break at Penske's expense with the no call on the penalty. They've all got "Danica" syndrome Tez, cant drive anymore...

    Doing happy dance!

    Oh and I figured it was the famous ice cream SB but never heard back from Wild Bill on his fav I right?

  41. Why I declare! Looky who's in victory lane this week!

    WTG Kristen!