Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Trifecta- The (Dw)Indy Edition

Greetings, race fans. Time once again to make your picks for racing's easiest fantasy game. In the Chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, Dwindy increased his margin on the rest of the field by picking up his 7th win of the season. The Trifecta commissioner is seriously considering requiring Dwindy to make his picks blindfolded and with one hand tied behind his back.

The Starting line up: Dwindy Hanny kristen tez moseby SB CR jon

The races:

1.) Th NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Indianapolis, Friday July 29; green flag drops at 7:48pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR NAtionwide Series race from Indianapolis, Saturday July 30; green flag drops at 7:49pm ET (entry list)

3.) The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix from Budapest, Sunday July 31; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Indianapolis, Sunday July 31; green flag drops at 1:19pm ET.

Go for it!


  1. Tez here. Long weekend for me so I took Friday off and, as usual, IE ain't letting me post comments while logged in, grrr

    Trucks - Elliott "gotta get Kevin a win in this thing" Sadler
    NW - Justin "Will still needs a nickname" Allgaier
    F1 - Sebastian "dang it, not this again, Tez" Vettel

  2. Trucks--Austin Dillon

    NW--Elliott Sadler

    Cup--Happy, who else?

  3. Too bad I'm not an Indy (the track) fan...

    So, here we go!

    CWTS - Peters
    NWS - Edwards
    F1 - Vettel

    Thank you SB!

  4. The Heagle is going with

    Trucks: Dillon

    F1: Vettel

    Cup: Tony

  5. NNS- Brad K
    F1- Lewis H
    Cup- Stewart

    The "Heagle"? lol

  6. Sorry about that. I'm still without eyes. The lens is on order, but may take up to three weeks to get here.

  7. NNS - Edwards
    F1 - Alonso
    Cup - Juan Pablo Montoya

  8. Thanks Heagle! =P

    Trucks - Sadler, E

    F1 - Alonso, F

    Cup - Gordon, J

  9. CWTS.... Hornaday

    NW..... Sorenson

    F-1.... Vettel

  10. I'm scrapping Austin Dillon because Bonehead Bodine wrecked him. So for F1 I'm going with Mark Webber.

  11. There's a REASON the Cup Start and Parkers meeting room is named after Todd Bodine: BECAUSE HE SUCKS!!!!

  12. On second thought, I'll stick with Dillon's results. He had a top 10 in spite of Bonehead wrecking him.

  13. Hey Heagle! I'll be scrapping ESad in the trucks with the penalty for Edwards in NW - gotta try to catch Dwindy working his magic already!

  14. Tez again; I concur with Kristen...dumping Sadler and taking Darth Jimmie in the Cup race.

  15. Nice pull in the Trucks, D-Man.

    Is anyone else still mathematically eligible for the season, SB?

  16. Hanny-

    It's still anybody's game. There are still 14 races left in the season not including this one.

  17. I am dropping Sorenson in the NW race, and picking Stenhouse in his place.

    Thanks, Speedy!

  18. Have to drop Vettel in F-1 to have a shot this week. Hoping now that Tez's jinx does more than allowing Vettel to finish 4th like last week.

    Gotta go with JJ. Stone cold lock!

  19. After 1:

    Dwindy 1
    CR 1
    Hanny 5
    moseby 5
    SB 9
    jon 9
    kristen 10
    tez 32

  20. The BEAGLE is dropping Vettel and going with Webber in F1.

  21. SB--I'm dropping ESad's results and going with Barrichello (sp?) in F1.

  22. Tez again; oh come on, Gator did worse than ESad...looks like when I get it wrong, I do it properly, LOL!

  23. let me guess... did Dwindy win again? lol

  24. After 2:

    CR 5
    Dwindy 6
    Hanny 8
    moseby 8
    kristen 13
    SB 14
    jon 27
    tez 34

  25. And the winner is ...

    Dwindy 8
    CR 11
    kristen 15
    SB 20
    Hanny 27
    moseby 36
    jon 38
    tez 53

  26. Congrats to Dwarth Vindy! lmao

  27. At least I rallied! Congrats to the man who cannot lose...try picking with darts next week Dwindy or ask a chicken or something to give the rest of us a shot!

  28. Congrats to D-Man!

    Should we have a get together in Vegas? I'm thinking Dwindy could get everyone comped.

  29. LOL... I I like Gene's idea. I'm game!

  30. So if we all meet in Vegas at the same time as NASCAR's award ceremony I'll get to receive the coveted golden lug nut at the same time???

    Let's do this! LOL!

    Thanks one and all!

  31. Tez again: congrats Dwindy, keep this up and SB will have to invoke a 'Dwindy rule' like the 'Kenseth rule' to prevent this :P