Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Trifecta- Better Late Than Never Edition

Greetings, race fans. First of all, a big thank you to Tez for posting last week's Trifecta. That has inspired a new rule for the 2012 season- more about that later.

The starting lineup for this week:

CR Hanny SB jon kristen Dwindy moseby tez

The races:

1.) The NASCAR CAmping World Truck Series race from Nashville, Friday July 22: green flag drops at 8:19pm ET (entry list).

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Nashville; Saturday July 23; green flag drops at 7:45pm ET (entry list)

3.) The F1 German Grand Prix, Sunday July 24; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

4.) The IndyCar race from Edmonton, Sunday July 24; green flag drops at 2:45pm ET.

There you have it. Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. woohoo, yeah, last place! *facepalm*

    Trucks - James "one day, I'll reward Tez's faith in me" Buescher
    F1 - Sebastian "my jinx will work eventually, dang it" Vettel

    unsure on NW at the moment...will check back in later me thinks. I'm off to Vernon for the NASCAR Canadian Tire race Saturday night. Will charge up the batteries tomorrow for the camera as I suppose you guys (and girls) might want to know how it went...first visit to an oval track and all.

    say, aren't the Indycars in Edmonton this weekend?

  2. Yes, they are. I still don't have my contacts, so all those little letters tend to run together. I will add the race to the list.

  3. The Beagle picks:

    NNS- Bad Brad

    F1- Vettel

    IRL- Dixon

  4. NNS- Sam "the man" Hornish

    F1- Sebastian "the anointed one" Vettel

    IndyCar- Hellio "defender of unofficial wins" Castroneves

  5. Hey SB!

    Once again, thank you for doing this!

    NWS- Carl Edwards

    F1- Mark Webber

    Indy- Will Power

    Is Cousin Carl from Australia??? LOL

  6. I think I should be insulted, Dwindy.... :P

    NW - Ricky "hopefully this works better than last time" Stenhouse Jr

  7. and ta for the Indy add, SB...watching Evans trying to chase down Contador and Schleck in the TdF, go Cadel!

  8. Hmmm who to pick, who to pick!

    NW - Lil' Gator

    F1 - Alonso

    IRL - Castroneves

  9. Nationwide - Keselowski
    F1 - Hamilton
    IRL - Dario

  10. CWTS.... Sauter

    NNS..... C Edwards

    F-1..... Vettel

    Picking Vettel in F-1 is like picking Kyle in the Trucks.... You're only hurting yourself if you don't. Maybe Tez could jinx Vettel by not picking him? 8)

  11. jon- via Facebook

    Trucks- Dillon

    NNS- Dillon

    F1 Vettel

  12. The Beagle is going with Dillon is the Truck race instead of Dixon in IndyCar.

  13. Please change my driver for the NNS race to Brad Keselowski. Sam was a lot slower in qualifying.

    Thank you!

  14. Guess I should have kept Sam. lol

  15. After one complete:

    SB 1
    jon 1
    Dwindy 1
    Hanny 2
    kristen 4
    tez 7
    CR 12
    moseby 12

  16. Gene has 3 and I have 4 and we both picked Vettel. Drop Vettel and I'll go with Scott Dixon in Edmonton.

  17. the jinx worked, take that, Sebby Vee! :P

    getting ready the leave Vernon heading back home....trying to take photos of cars at a night race is not my forte I figured out, lol

  18. Looks like we've got another nail biter on our hands. Hanny's race card is finished for the day.

    After two complete:

    Hanny 3
    jon 4
    Dwindy 4
    kristen 6
    tez 9
    SB 13
    moseby 13
    CR 16

  19. Looks like Dwindy has solved his pit crew problems as he picks up his 7th win of the season. Jayski reports that Hendrick may be looking to hire the D-man to stop the #48 team's slide.

    Final Standings

    Dwindy 5
    Hanny 7
    kristen 8
    tez 13
    moseby 16
    SB 17
    CR 18
    jon 27

  20. Congrats Dwindy!

    Which one am I, Shake, or Bake?

  21. You are bake Gene...congrats yet again Dwindy!!

  22. Thank you two...

    It's like I'm beginning to feel sorry for winning these things... NOT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Gene, you're cooked! Must be baked then...