Thursday, June 9, 2011

THe Trifecta- Dancing With The Cars Edition

Greetings, race fans. This week finds us in Texas for a little Texas Two Step with CWTS and IndyCar races, Pocono for a little Pennsylvania Polka with the Sprint Cup race, and Montreal to watch the F1 boys dance around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Some housekeeping befire we get to the races. Trifecta R&D has carefully examined Dwindy's Magic 8 ball and found it to be of standard issue with no modifications. We have also interviewed every Gypsy fortune teller in Dwindy's town and found nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, they envy his success rate for correct predictions. So, unless he is getting his information directly from the race teams, we can find nothing illegal. And Dwindy, if you do have Jimmie's horseshoe, PUT IT DOWN!!! You don't know where it's been.

IndyCar is giving us a real Texas two step this weeki, as they have divided the race into two shorter races. If you decide to choose IndyCAr as one of your races, you will pick ONE driver. You will be credited with that driver's BEST finish (Ex: Kristen picks Helio. He finishes 5th in the first race and 2nd in the second race. Kristen would be credited with the 2nd place finish). YOU MAY NOT CHANGE INDYCAR DRIVERS BETWEEN THE RACES.

Finally, Bev has withdrawn from the Trifecta. She is having trouble keeping up with everything without full internet access.

This week's line up: 1 Dwindy, 2 Hanny, 3 tez, 4 SB, 5 kristen , 6 CR, 7 jon, 8 moseby

Finally the races:

1.) The Camping World Truck Series race from Texas, Friday June 10; green flag drops at 9:19pm ET (entry list)

2.) The IndyCar race from Texas, Saturday June 11; green flag drops at 8:45pm ET.

3.) The F1 race from Montreal, Sunday June 11; green flag drops at 1:00pm ET.

4.) The Sprint Cup race from Pocono, Sunday June 11; green flag drops at 1:18pm ET.

Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. Whew! I passed inspection! (pulled the wool over those fortune tellers eyes! LOL)

    So who's going to make sweet music this week?

    How about...

    CWTS - Todd "the Onion" Bodine playing "Green Onions"!

    F1 - It's about time Lewis "Blame Game" Hamilton pulled off a victory while playing "Rule Britannia"...

    Sprint Cup - Then it's Denny "The Virginian" Hamlin's turn in the spotlight while singing Billy Joel's "Big Shot" with a white hot spotlight!

    Thank You SB!

  2. The Beagle is going with:

    Trucks- Austin "Here, Let me hold that for you grandpa" Dillon

    F1- Sebastian "Come and get me, boys" Vettel

    IndyCar- Dario "Hey Ashley, how do you feel about haggis for dinner" Franchitti

  3. I thought everyone knew where that horseshoe had been. Didn't Kevin tell us all it was up Jimmie's a$$? lol

    F-1... Fernando Alonso
    Indy... Will Power
    Cup... Big Daddy Don Garlits...I mean, Big Daddy 24, Jeffy Pooh!

  4. Trucks - Agent double oh 31...James Buescher!
    Indycar - Chip gets his fuel mileage right...Scott Dixon!
    F1 - the jinx has to work eventually...Sebastian Vettel!

    and as for the biggest race of the year....I'll go the #7 Peugeot to win.

  5. ahh yes... LeMans. Just the name brings a rush of speed adrenaline to my senses. It's number one on my bucket list.

  6. CR...

    I heard you have a tub list... No?

  7. I cannot believe Dwindy has been cleared of all wrongdoing - shouldnt he at least be fined? =)

    Trucks - Cole "WonderBoy" Whitt

    IRL - Helio "DancingMan" Castroneves

    CUP - Kurt "CursinMan" Busch

  8. IRl - Dixon

    F1 - Vettel

    Cup - Hamlin

    Let's try to not bring up the rear this week....

  9. Kristen-

    I didn't say Dwindy has been cleared. We just can't figure out what it is that he's doing. What we need is one of the employees of D1Racing to blow the whistle on him :o).

  10. Is the Beagle handing out 'secret' fines?

    CWTS.... J Sauter

    F-1..... S Vettel

    Cup..... C Edwards

  11. Change me to Will "HeMan" Power for IRL - Helio is stinking up the joint!

    Thanks SB!

  12. Hanny- no secret fines here. We just can't figure out how he's beating the system :o)

    Kristen- change noted

    from jon via FB

    trucks- Piquet
    cup- Tony
    Indy- Briscoe

  13. Well given that horrible result by Wonder Boy Whitt - I'll take the penalty and grab Alonso in F1 instead.

    Oy! Sorry to be a bother with the changes SB!

  14. Not a problem, Kristen. I expect a few more changes given the outcome of the truck race :o)

  15. SB... My Onion went bad...

    Give me the penalty and I'll take Will Power in the IndyCar race.

    Thank you very much!

  16. After the "Rob Job" on Sauter, I have to drop him and go with Dixon at the Texas IndyCar race.

  17. The Beagle is also taking the penalty and going with Jimmie in the Cup race.

  18. After one completed (with most of us taking the penalty after a less than spectacular truck race)

    CR 1
    moseby 2
    Dwindy 6
    SB 6
    kristen 6
    Hanny 7
    tez 9
    jon 13

  19. Hamilton is out! Tried his best wrecking ball impression and spun Webber before crunching the inside wall on the pit straight when he attempted to pass Button who can't see since it's rain.

  20. Well, after two complete:

    CR 2
    kristen 8
    SB 10
    tez 11
    jon 16
    moseby 21
    Dwindy 25
    Hanny 44

    Jon's day is over. He's hoping that Vettel and Alonso self destruct.

  21. Well Alonso destructed. Can't say it was self destruction, since Webber helped him!

  22. YEA!!! TEZ!!! Way to jinx Vettel! lol

  23. and now with the F1 race complete, the Beagle overcomes disastrous truck race, takes the penalty, and still manages to come away with the win.

    Final standings:

    SB 12
    tez 13
    moseby 23
    CR 24
    kristen 30
    jon 37
    Hanny 46
    Dwindy 49

  24. Congrats SB! ...and it looks like your "secret fine" on Dwindy did it's job! lol

  25. Uh... retraction... Button helped taking out Alonso, not Webber. My TV screen was foggy from all the rain!

  26. WTG SB!

    As for you other guys...

  27. Congrats to SB on the win! (Notice I didn't pick the Duck THIS week?)

  28. Congrat Speedy! Wacky racing this weekend...

  29. WTG, Katie!

    Follow me back to the front, Dwindy!