Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Trifecta- The One That Started It All Edition

Greetings, race fans! This week the Trifecta returns to its raison d'etre- that one weekend that race fans live for with all three series running marquee events with a Nationwide race thrown in for good measure.

In the chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, dwindy leads with 4 wins. Will he continue to be the Kyle of the Trifecta(as Hanny says) or can someone stop his total domination of this year's series.

The starting lineup for this week:
1 Dwindy, 2 CR, 3 moseby, 4 SB, 5 Hanny, 6 Bev, 7 kristen, 8 tez, 9 jon

This week's races are:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Charlotte, Saturday May 28; green flag drops at 2:46pm ET (entry list)

2.) The Formula Grand Prix of Monaco from Monte Carlo, Sunday, May 29; green flag drops at 8:00 am ET.

3.) The Indianapolis 500, Sunday May 29; green flag drops at 12:00pm ET (entry list)

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup series race from Charlotte, Sunday May 29; green flag drops at 6:16pm ET.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!


  1. jon(via Facebook)

    F1- Hamilton

    Indy- Dixon

    Cup- Edwards

  2. Hey SB!

    I've gotta dance with who brought me...

    F1's Monaco Grand Prix -
    Sebastian "Who can stop him?" Vettel

    The Indianapolis 500 -
    Will "Indy's version of Vettel" Power

    Sprint Cup's Coca Cola 600 at CMS -
    Kyle "Somebody put my hair out!" Busch

    Thank you so much SB!

  3. Sorry SB...I'll be the lone lugnut holdout on FB! =P I am stubborn just like your driver! LOL

    NW - Matt "Mr. Roboto" Kenseth

    Indy - Helio "Mr. Rico Suave" Castroneves

    Cup - Carl "Mr. Manhole Cover" Edwards

  4. NW What'cha'macall'it... Happy Harvick
    Grand Prix of Monaco... Mark Webber
    Indy 500... Scott Dixon

    I may change my F1 pick after I see some practice times. But Mark has had a decent run on those streets.

  5. Well.... make that Lewis Hamilton over there in Monaco. Thanks SB!

  6. NW - Kyle Busch
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel...eventually my jinx will work on him, lol
    Indycar - Scott Dixon

  7. The Beagle picks:

    F1- Button

    Indy- Tagliani

    Cup- JJ

  8. yea tez! I salute you for placing the jinx on Vettel! LOL

  9. F1 - Hamilton
    Indy 500 - Dario
    Cup - Kenseth

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone

  10. Happy 'Three Day', everyone. Should I trademark, "Three Day" so the Waltrips don't run it in the ground?

    NW.... Carl E

    F-1... Vettel

    Cup... Kenseth

  11. Bev (via Facebook)

    NW- Joey

    Indy- Dario

    Cup- JamieMc

  12. A message from Katie-

    Why do you insist on testing the voodoo by picking Carl??? You've seen how effective it is. Let's face it, Regan Smith winning at Darlington on old tires- the anti Carl voodoo at it's best(that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Pick the duck at your own risk.


  13. LOL SB, the sage of doom... at least when it comes to roid rage!

  14. btw... I didn't pick Carl, and I think a few others didn't pick the bugger too. How 'bout bonus points for us? LOL

  15. If he 'only' gets a 2nd @ Darlington via voodoo, then keep it coming. lol

    *only when I pick him, though*

  16. SB, Scrap my NW pick. I'll go with J. Johnson in the Cup race, and take the penalty.

  17. holy crap, did you *see* Perez's crash at Monaco during qualifying?! :o

    what a lucky boy to escape that without more serious injuries!

  18. Didn't see it tez. Just read about it. They say he lost it on the bumps coming out of the tunnel.

    SB, I'd like to go back to my original F1 pick, Mark Webber. Thanks!

  19. After one race:

    Dwindy 1
    kristen 1
    Hanny 2
    SB 3
    tez 3
    moseby 6
    jon 6
    CR 9(includes 5 point change of race penalty)
    Bev 11

    Looks like Dwindy is continuing his domination of the stats :o)

  20. 6 starts, 5 wins. F1 should be renamed V1!

  21. Come on, I get no credit for picking Matty in a MUCH more difficult race to handicap for the win!??! LOL

    Come on Helio and Carl!

    (why do I keep picking him, well because you've scared everyone else off him Katie! and well because as I noted before I am stubborn just like your driver!)

  22. LOL This morning before the race, I was ready to post a driver change in the 500, because I knew tez had the trifecta wrapped up, and we both had Dixon. I was asking SB to change my pick to Dan Wheldon. Then I thought, to heck with it, and didn't post. Anyway, congrats to Dan!

  23. I gave serious thought about picking Dan as well, CR...but figured the might of Chip would pull it off, lol

    Also; Lewis Hamilton...what a knob. Yeah, I get he was annoyed with getting demoted 2 spots on the grid, but you cannot, under any circumstances, say what he said after the race. Calling all the other drivers idiots and that the officials have it in for him since he's black...I don't care if he was joking or not, he's a total moron.

  24. I agree tez. I hate it when the race card is tossed on the table! That's when I fold, and cash in my chips.

  25. Hold on there, boys. I don't know what you're hearing out there on the west coast, but the fat lady isn't even in the building yet. Hanny still has the Cup race on his schedule.

    After two races:

    Hanny 3
    tez 4
    jon 12
    Dwindy 15
    CR 15
    moseby 18
    kristen 18
    Bev 23
    SB 31

    Now can NASCAR live up to the drama that is the Trifecta? Tez's race day is done. With Dixon's 6th place finish at Indy, Tez has a total of 10 points overall. Now, all he can do is sit back and hope that Matt Kenseth finishes 8th or worse.

  26. but there ain't no party like a Red Bull party...Vettel and Horner grabbed EJ and DC and threw them into the pool, LOL

    gotta love the BBC red button forum thing...and youtube since we don't get that bit ;)

  27. Dang that Helio!

    Apparently anyone who drives the National Guard car is a complete doof!

  28. I was done in by Chip not putting enough fuel in his cars for the second straight week...that was Scotty's at the end, lol

  29. off to pick up some snacks before the final leg on this day, the biggest day of racing. I'm running on about 4 hours sleep so the andrenalin will have to compensate :P

  30. Time to find out if Matty is really as smart as all the talking heads claim.

    Sorry all, but I'm hoping for a very boring race... Matt's specialty.

  31. Well, you're in the Trifecta's drivers seat Gene. Hope you can handle that last turn! LOL

  32. if I didn't see it myself, I'd never have believed that finish, lol

  33. Another wild one with none of the Trifecta cup drivers finishing in the top 10. So now the fat lady is singing, and she is singing the praises of Tez who comes away with his first win of the season. Dwindy still leads the overall standings with four wins.

    the final standings:

    tez 10
    Hanny 17
    jon 28
    moseby 32
    kristen 34
    CR 43
    Dwindy 47
    SB 59
    Bev 60

  34. Congrats to tez! Way to go!

    ...and to our National Guard; This was not a good day for you in racing... But we're all proud of you, just the same!

  35. I seem to like Memorial Day trifectas, back-to-back on here and a perfect score in the 2008 version! :D

  36. Way to swoop in for the win Tez - your now "THE CLOSER!" Congrats!

  37. Congrats Tez! The night time was not the right time for my driver. lol