Friday, May 13, 2011

The Trifecta- Finally!! Edition

Ok, we are back.

Just to recap, the races are

Camping World Truck Series tonight

Nationwide Series tomorrow

Sprint Cup Series Sunday

Let's hope Blogger dosen't go down again. If it does, I'll go back to Facebook and e-mail.


  1. Picks as of 4:40pm ET

    CR Kyle Carl JJ
    jon Crafton E-Sad Ryan
    kristen Kyle E-Sad Carl
    Dwindy Kyle Kyle Kyle
    Hanny Kyle Kyle TBA
    moseby Whitt Joey Carl
    tez Sauter Almirola Biff
    Bev Dillon Brad K J-Mac
    SB Kevin Kyle Tony

  2. Way to muscle in on Hanny Dwindy! lol

  3. Thanks SB! What a mess...half of Mayers blog, mine is gone. oy!

  4. LOL... blogspot slipped into foxblogs territory for a day.

  5. After one:

    CR 1
    kristen 1
    Dwindy 1
    Hanny 1
    moseby 2
    jon 3
    Bev 4
    SB 5
    tez 11

  6. Looks like CR's going for the perfect score. Still waiting on Hanny's driver for the Cup race.

    CR 2
    Dwindy 3
    Hanny 3
    kristen 7
    SB 7
    jon 9
    moseby 15
    Bev 16
    tez 20

  7. I will keep it in the fam and take Kurt in the Cup race.

    He makes an example of his fired engineer this week at the Moster version of Bristol.

  8. The Beagle is dropping Tony and going with Kasey Kahne in the Cup race.

  9. Dwindy takes the outright lead once again in the Chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy with his 3rd win of the season(wasn't he the one saying he didn't have a chance of winning the Trophy under the current points system :o)?)

    Final standings:

    Dwindy 7
    CR 11
    kristen 14
    Hanny 17
    moseby 22
    jon 30
    Bev 36
    tez 39
    SB 43

    The Cup boys will be off next weekend celebrating Tony Stewart's bithday, but the F1 guys will be on board to round out our trio of races.

  10. Dwindy, congratulations on the win!

  11. Hey, thank you guys...

    You know it's the blind squirrel theory at work! LOL

  12. congrats, Dwindy! My dreams were scuppered after Sauter got pinged for speeding on Friday, lol

  13. WTG Dwindy! Triple kyle pays off!