Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Trifecta- Deja Vu Edition

Greetings, race fans! No, it's not a mistake. We have the same line up of races that we did last week.

The races are:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Talladega, Saturday April 16; green flag drops at 3:19pm ET.

2.) The F1 Chinese Grand Prix, Sunday, April 17; green flag drops at 3:00am ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Talladega, Sunday April 17; green flag drops at 1:19pm ET.

4.) The IndyCar Grand Prix of Long Beach, Sunday April 17; green flag drops at 4:30pm ET.

The starting order for this week:


And before we go, a brief quiz- no getting help on this one. Besides being Income Tax Day(US), what is the historical significance of April 15?

Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. Otay... (Buckwheat!)

    April 15th is two days before this Aries' birthday!!!

    Formula One - Sebastian (3X)Vettel

    Cup - Tony (There's always room for Jello!) Stewart

    IndyCar - Dario (Not smiling now) Franchitti

  2. No sense in me making my picks until some in front of me go.

    The 150th anniversary of the Southern Revolution has been going on in Charleston all week. Re-enactments every day, but I don't think April 15th was a memorable date in 1861.

    April 15 was Jackie Robinson's first day in the major leagues.

  3. The Beagle is going with-

    NW- Bad Brad

    Cup- Tony

    F1- Vettel makes it three in a row

    Hanny- nope, April 15 wasn't memorable in 1861, but here's a relevant question for you-

    Who was given the honor of firing the first UNION shot at Ft. Sumter?

  4. Driver change for the Beagle-

    NW- Kevin Harvick

  5. SB, you mean the 1st return fire from Ft Sumter? Could have been Jimmy Crackorn for all I know!

    F1- Sebastian '3 peat' Vettel
    Indy- Will '2 in a row' Power
    Cup- Flying, Ryan Newman

  6. Wow view from the front row is pretty nice! Wonder if I'll stay there with these picks?? =)

    NW - I love my DALE JUNYER!

    IRL - I have the WILL POWER!

    Cup - I love my DALE JUNYER!

    Hmmmm 4/15 is the day SB finds her glasses?

  7. Speedy... that's an easy one. I don't know if he was given the honor, but Abner Doubleday claimed to have fired the first Union shot.

    Of course, he also claimed to have invented baseball.

  8. Kristen- I wish I could wear glasses. They'd be a lot easier to find.

    Hanny- Abner's claim to the first Union shot at Ft. Sumter is legitimate. It's backed up in Major Anderson's(commanding officer of the fort) account of the siege.

  9. A hint for today's historical event- it may not get a lot of attention this year, but it most certainly will next year.

  10. F1 - Lewis "I'll force my way past Vettel into 1" Hamilton
    Indycar - Will "give me more" Power
    Cup - Dale Earnhardt "wth? Tez never picks me" Jr

  11. NW.... E Sad

    Cup... JPM

    INDY... Dixon

    Next year will be the 100th aniv of the Titanic sinking... still not as big a deal as Jackie Robinson.

  12. NW--Menard


    Indy--Ryan Briscoe

  13. Cup - McMurray
    F1 - Hamilton
    Indy - Dario

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  15. SB--Harvick's not entered in the NW race, but Smoke is.

  16. Just saw Harv qualify the 33 NW car.

  17. On the entry list, Clint Bowyer was listed as the driver of the #33 car for the NW race.

  18. Bev(via Facebook) is going with her usual lineup of

    NW- Joey


    Indy- Dario

    And yes, today is the 99th anniversary of the Titanic sinking(it's also the anniversay of Abraham Lincoln's death and Leonardo da Vinci's birthday).

  19. the lineup on says Bowyer in the 33, Harvick in the 4....

  20. Fox Sports' web site has it wrong AGAIN!! They had Stewart in the #4 car. That site has gone WAY downhill!!! Most of their NASCAR articles are unreadable in their content and interest level. (I stopped liking them when they co-opted Southern Cindi's Hot or Not after she passed on.) I'd rather go to Yahoo Sports or NASCAR.COM. Thanks for the 411, Tez!

  21. The worst I've seen is the 'virtual thunder' one, Jon. They list Clint, Kevin, Speed and Menard all in the 33, usually forget Kahne when he's in the 38, still have Danica in the 7 and Mikey Waltrip is permanently in the 99 all season so far as I've not seen Ryan Truex. I think they even still have Burton in the 29 too *rolls eyes*

    That makes picking qualy and race results (as that is what the site is) for NW rather sucky, lol

  22. Ok, the Beagle is taking the penalty and dumping Harvick in the Nationwide race- going with Dixon in the Indy Car race.

    Also driver change for Cup race- going with Jeffie G instead of Tony.

  23. With everyone completing one race:

    Tez 1
    moseby 1
    Dwindy 2
    CR 2
    Bev 2
    jon 5
    Hanny 5
    SB 7
    kristen 9

  24. Here was another "best F1 race ever"

  25. CR; that was before my time therefore it doesn't count, LOL!

  26. LOL tez whipper snapper!

  27. Pretty good racing, even though it was "before" you're time. ;-)

  28. After two:

    Tez 5
    SB 10
    jon 10
    kristen 13
    Dwindy 19
    moseby 22
    Bev 23
    CR 27
    Hanny 35

    Will tez hold on for the win or will the Beagle or jon make a last lap pass?

    (Kristen you might want to consider driver change if you want to go for the win.)

  29. Seriously Tez... check the video link out. Great last lap racing for the win.

  30. Well who'd have thought this would be a nail biter? jon blows past tez to take the win this week, giving us our 5th winner in five trifectas.

    No Trifecta next week. Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!

    The final standings:

    jon 12
    tez 15
    Dwindy 22
    kristen 23
    moseby 25
    Bev 26
    SB 28
    CR 37
    Hanny 53

  31. bloody Helio, that dancing dolt should have freaking retired at the end of 2009 when he was actually winning!

    congrats Jon, lol

  32. Thought everyone might like to see the standing in the overall Chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy:


  33. Speedy I'll never change drivers - I rarely know when the races are on and don't want to make any extra work for you...It wont help me anyway! LOL

    Hehehe Helio has Junyer-disease - too much thinking about me! =P

  34. Thanks guys!! Gotta thank Kristen as well for giving me that extra push across the finish line!

  35. Good 1 jon!

    Its gonna be a race to the finish!

  36. Your welcome Jon! And for my other driver taking out all the competition...