Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Trifecta- Beginnings Edition

Greetings race fans! Welcome to the 2011 Trifecta and the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy. Last season furnished us with lots of excitement- from Hanny finally capturing the elusive Kylefecta to Tez holding off a late charge by Kristen to take home the Triple Lug Nut. Who knows what this season will bring?

Let's get to the races:

1.) The Camping World Truck Series race, Friday February 18; green flag drops at 7:52pm ET (entry list)

2. The Nationwide Series race, Saturday February 19; green flag drops at 1:34pm ET (entry list)

3.) The Daytona 500, Sunday February 20; green flag drops at 1:30pm ET (entry list)

The starting line up for this week will be determined by posting order.

Let the fun begin!!!


  1. nice to be back for another season, SB :)

    Trucks - Dillon
    NW - Smoke
    Cup - Dinger...bit of a risk I know

  2. Hello everyone, glad the green flag is soon to drop!

    CWTS - Carmichael

    NNWS - Earnhardt Jr.

    NSCS - Stewart

  3. I can't help myself...

    Trucks... Kyle "Rowdy" Busch
    NWS...... "Cousin" Carl Edwards
    Cup...... Kurt "Big Brother" Busch

    Thank you Ms. SB!

  4. CWTS..... KYLE!

    NNWS..... KYLE!

    CUP...... Oh Yeah! You're reading it right. KYLE!

    May the best Busch win!

  5. Hi everyone! Hope you're having a good winter! I'm ready for spring!!!

    CWTS.... Johnny Sauter

    NNWS.... Clint Bowyer

    CUP..... Bud Man! Happy Harvick!

  6. CWTS--Elliott Sadler

    NNS--Tony Stewart

    Cup--Kevin Harvick




  8. CWTS: Sadler

    NNS: Bayne

    Cup: Edwards

  9. Welcome back everyone, and hello to our new player, JD.

    Yay! RA6AN's here! Hope to see you around more often this season.

    Bev(Athens) is still without internet, but is submitting her picks via Facebook.

    Her picks are:
    Trucks- Austin Dillon
    Nationwide- Joey
    Cup- Jamie Mc

    Looks like we're still missing Kristen and moseby.

  10. Nationwide - Tony Stewart
    Cup - Kevin Harvick
    Trucks - Don't know who is in the field cause the limk wasn't working. Too lazy to look it up myself - LOL! But I assume Kyle is in it cause Gene is going for another Trifecta. So I will lay some money down on Rowdy winning that one.

  11. I'm guessing Kristen would go Dale Jr and Kurt Busch for the NW and Cup respectively....but do not lock that in or she'll kill me, lol

  12. Going ahead and posting my picks now.

    Trucks- Todd Bodine

    Nationwide- Clint Bowyer

    Cup- This is the year for the Day-TONY 500!

    I guess Kristen got hung up talking to Tony about the beefcake calendar he did for Office Depot this year :o).

  13. dang it, I was hoping everything lined up; Feb 18, black #3 on the pole...dagnammit.

  14. After one:

    jon 2
    RA6AN 2
    Dwindy 5
    Hanny 5
    stork 5
    moseby 5
    JD 8
    CR 17
    Tez 20
    Bev 20
    SB 23

  15. Kristen told me to tell you she had Michael Waltrip in the truck race... Not sure about the others...

  16. Who'd have thunk that Mikey would win the truck race?? Good for him!

  17. Dwindy, did she tell you AFTER the truck race was over?? LOL

  18. Dang! I almost picked Mikey, but was afraid of being laughed outta the room.

  19. Whatszzz uuuppp everyone... Hope all are well. Late as allways so lets go Dale Jr for nationwide and cup,, moon look blue last night so maybe something is in the air. CHEERS.

  20. Hey F2's back!!!! Long time no see. Will get you logged in. We've made some changes to the rules for this year. You can find the rule book here:

    Hope to see you around more often this season.

  21. After two-

    jon 3
    moseby 6
    JD 12
    Hanny 12
    RA6AN 12
    CR 19
    Tez 21
    SB 25
    Bev 32
    Dwindy 34
    F2 40
    stork 43

    Reminder to those who might be considering driver changes, any changes must be made NO LATER THAN 30 minutes before the green flag of tomorrow's race.

  22. THANK YOU LANDON! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! (For pushing Smoke to the win in the NNS race!)

  23. The 500's a BIG crapshoot this year. About a dozen drivers can easily win, or get punted out.

  24. what a great finish! If the 500 is half as good as that, we're in for a cracking final 10 laps or so :D

  25. Dwindy told me he wanted to change Smoke for Cousin Carl...hope thats okay!


    For the record I am picking Kurt tomorrow...I'll be in the pits I think.

    We are having amazing time!! So much to tell so little time...

  26. From moseby via Facebook-

    Moseby is dumping Kevin and going with Kurt in the cup race.

  27. Wow! So, after all the dust has settled-

    moseby 11
    RA6AN 14
    Hanny 20
    JD 25
    Tez 32
    SB 38
    Dwindy 39
    jon 45
    Bev 50
    stork 60
    CR 61
    F2 64

    Congrats to moseby!

    See you next week at Phoenix

  28. Congrats moseby! Great call, it turns out! Did you know something about that engine that NO ONE else knew?? Just wonderin'....

  29. WTG Mose!!

    Sweet move to dump Harvick.