Monday, February 7, 2011

More Fantasy Fun Anyone??

I have started a league on the Super 7 Sweep game over on Its a really cool game, kinda like the one we do here. You have to pick teams from all the different motorports, Nascar, FI, IRL, even the Grand-Am series. Best of all, it has some seriously cool prizes. Like diecast, bobbleheads books and more.

I know we all get fantasy overload, but for anyone up for it, click the title and it will take you to the home page.

League name- Lugnuts Race League

password- nascar

hope to see you there!

Rob aka Storkjrc


  1. I never know if I'm a legal resident or not with my working visa...otherwise I'd enter, lol

  2. i say enter anyway, worry about the rest if you win! This would be right up your alley Tez!

  3. yeegawds stork - I don't know anything about the other racing leagues - as evidenced by my picks in the trifecta being based on hot dudes only. I'll support you and Tez in the run for the prizes and sit this one out...

  4. joined...and if they complain, I'll change my address to one of you guys, LOL!

  5. kristen- i am sure you could use the same criteria for other series, with just a little internet research. :)

    i got "plenty" of addresses if you need tez

  6. So many leagues... So little time...

    I'm in!

  7. gene, welcome aboard!

    dwindy- i feel the same way, but i really like this one, because of the prizes.