Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Trifecta- Three To Go Edition

Greetings, race fans!! The NASCAR season is winding down with 3 races left on the schedule. That means three more opportunities for Hanny to capture another Kylefecta. The F1 season is also coming to its conclusion with 2 races left.

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, CR, Tez, and Kristen are tied with 5 wins each. Hanny is hot on their heels with 4 wins, and Moseby still has a shot at the title with 3 wins.

This week's races take us to the DFW metroplex with a side trip to Brazil for a cup of coffee.

On to the races-

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Texas, Friday November 5; green flag drops at 9:19pm ET (entry list)

2. The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Texas, Saturday November 6; green flag drops at 1:11pm ET (entry list)

3.) The F1 Brazilian Grand Prix from Sao Paulo, Sunday November 7; green flag drops at 11:00am ET (entry list)

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Texas, Sunday November 7; green flag drops at 3:16pm ET (entry list)

Good luck and lets go racing.


  1. Here we go again...

    Trucks- Kyle
    F1- Fernando Alonso
    Cup- Jimmie Johnson

  2. Trucks - Onionhead
    NW - Sliced Bread
    F1 - Webbo

  3. Hmmm, I'll stick with Texas.

    Trucks - Kyle
    NW - Bad Brad
    Cup - going out on a limb....Kenseth

  4. CWTS.....KYLE!



  5. Good, I was waiting for Gene to get on here.

    And the winners are... Drum roll...

    CWTS - Kyle!
    NWS - Carl Edwards!
    Cup - Kyle!

    Gene, you must have meant Cup, not F1 on Hamlin...

  6. if Denny wins in Brazil this weekend, I'm giving up the trifecta come Sunday afternoon.

  7. You guys didn't hear? Denny is giving up the Chase for the Cup, and going to drive for the new Toyota F-1 team.

    No? Okay, give me Denny in the Cup race then.

  8. Trucks--Ron Hornaday



    F1--Happy. Oops--he's not running F1, and there are too many races, I can only enter 3!

  9. *** DRIVER CHANGE***

    F1... Vettel instead of Alonso.

  10. come on Fred, pop the engine in the race as well! :D

  11. From Athens via Facebook-

    Trucks- Dillon

    NW- Joey

    Cup- Jamie

  12. NNS - BK

    Cup -Smoke

    F1 - Hamilton

  13. And the Beagle goes with-

    NW- Bad Brad

    F1- Webber

    Cup- Denny

    To those of you who offered opinions on Talladega picks, we stuck with our original choices of McMurray, Stewart, and Harvick with Kevin as the bonus pick. Katie has now moved up to 8th in the standings. Thank you everyone for your input.

  14. Ms. SB...

    I'm gonna jump ship on the Golden Jack Ass sponsored by a Duck (Carl Edwards) in the NWS race and jump into the KYLEFECTA. I'll take Kyle across the board. I know it's darned improbable for once in a season... but twice??

    Thank you very much!

  15. Dwindy-

    Change noted (likewise, CR)

    I guess you missed the discussion on Hanny's Talladega RSO blog. Just in time for Christmas, AVON introduces Turn 4XT, the new fragrance from Carl Edwards.

    (Oh, and Hanny, AVON will also be offering NASCAR watches featuring drivers Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhart Jr, and Tony Stewart. Maybe that second cousin or great aunt will opt for the watch instead of the cologne.)

  16. Hulk smash, way to go Nico and Williams!

  17. After all players have completed one race:

    cr 1
    klv 1
    hanny 1
    dwindy 1
    moseby 3
    sb 3
    tez 4
    athens 25
    jon 32

  18. I thought Jon swore to never take Hornaday again? LOL.

    And, WTG, D-man. Nice change in NNS. Getting off a winner like that.LOL

  19. Driver change from Athens via Facebook-

    Dropping truck race for Alonso in F1

  20. Way to rub a friend's face in the doo doo Gene! lol

  21. What? Is Athens locked in Facebook purgatory? LOL

  22. After two oomplete-

    cr 2
    hanny 3
    dwindy 3
    klv 4
    sb 5
    moseby 7
    tez 8
    athens 12
    jon 40

    Looks like CR is working on another perfect score,

    Tez has finished his race card for the weekend and will be anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Cup race.

    Athens has had to cut back on expenses, so she has no internet. She can still get Facebook through her cell phone.

  23. Athens is smarter than our leadership in DC. At least she knows when it's time to cut back spending!

  24. Well, well, well. You think the Cup race is close? We have a four way tie in the Trifecta standings as Hanny captures his 5th win of the season.

    The final standings:

    hanny 4
    klv 6
    sb 6
    tez 10
    cr 11
    moseby 18
    athens 28
    dwindy 35
    jon 46

  25. Should it become necessary, the tie breaker for the championship will go as follows.

    1.) perfect scores
    2.) number of 1st place drivers picked
    3.) number of 2nd place drivers picked
    4.) number of 3rd place drivers picked

    If there is still a tie after all that, duplicate trophies will be awarded.

  26. 4 way tie, with 2 to go... Wow! Good job Gene. Thanks SB!

  27. Congrats Gene! Dang, I almost had it...

  28. SB... You get to win next week and then the BIG dog will win the last week... Now, who's gonna get off the porch and run to victory?

  29. Thanks to the man on the pit box, the crew just did a super job, and thanks to the boys back at the shop. Thanks to all my sponsors (chug Coke here), and my team owner just for giving me a chance.

    And, thanks to Speedy for doing all the work!

  30. this is better than the F1 title race, congrats, Gene!