Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Trifecta- Desert Rose Edition

Greetings race fans. Another week and another chance for another rare Kylefecta. The NASCAR boys and girls will be in the Arizona desert while the F1 boys will be racing for the series championship in Abu Dhabi.

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, the championship has come down to four: CR, Hanny, Kristen, and Tez with 5 wins each.

In case you missed it last week, in the event of a tie fir the championship, the tie will be broken as follows:

1.) # of perfect scores
2.) # of 1st place drivers picked
3.) # of 2nd place drivers picked
4.) # of 3rd place drivers picked

If a tie remains after all that, duplicate trophies will be awarded.

Now on to the races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Phoenix, Friday November 12; green flag drops at 8:18pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Phoenix, Saturday November 13; green flag drops at 4:45pm ET (entry list)

3.) The F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sunday November 14; green flag drops at 8:00am ET

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Phoenix, Sunday November 14; green flag drops at 3:15pm ET

Good luck, and let's go racing.


  1. Trucks--Onionhead aka Todd Bodine



  2. CWTS.... KYLE!

    NNS.... KYLE!


  3. NNS...Kyle

  4. Trucks - Clint Bowyer...or Happy will run him over in the parking lot if he wrecks, lol

    NW - Carl Edwards....or Cussin' Carl Jon might prefer him to be called :P

    F1 - for the grand finale, I shall pick....after quals are done, LOL!

  5. Hmm, I think to be a winner I have to pick some winners so no Junyer...

    Trucks - Thorn Busch - with bird in hand
    NW - Happy-my wife wears the pants - Harvick
    Cup - Jimmie - what crew do I have to pay bonuses too now?-Johnson

  6. Okay now...

    NWS - Brad Keselowski
    F1 - Jenson Button
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson

    Thank you again Ms. SB!

  7. I'm glad to see so many jinxing JJ! lol

  8. Hey CR, it's only 3-2 JJ over Kev right now. Seems like no one wants to jinx Denny.

  9. Nationwide - Kyle
    F1 - Alonso
    Cup - Harvick

  10. The Beagle picks:

    Trucks- Kyle

    Nationwide- Brad K

    Cup- Denny

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  12. ****DRIVER CHANGE****

    After mediocre qualifying... I'm dropping Webber for Hamilton.

    ...and Kevin for Kyle!

  13. So my picks are now;

    NNS... Kyle
    F1... Hamilton
    Cup... Kyle

  14. from Athens via Facebook-

    Nationwide- Brad K

    F1- "whoever moseby picked" (Alonso)

    Cup- Jamie Mc

  15. Tez- still waiting on your final pick

  16. The Beagle is dropping Brad in the Nationwide race and going with Joey instead.

  17. I'll go with the Hamster for Abu Dhabi....looked good in practice and has more to go for than Sebby Vee given he was leading here last year until his car died.

  18. do I be mean and pick Kyle like Gene and CR or Kevin like K....

  19. Tez- unless he missed that left turn in Albuquerque, the Hamster isn't in Abu Dhabi (unless you're referring to Hamilton)

  20. Gene picked JJ in Cup tez... I had Kevein, but I'm getting tired of his lackluster qualy attempts, and I think Kyle has a serious bone to pick with NASCAR this week!

  21. After everyone has completed one race-

    tez 1
    hanny 2
    klv 2
    sb 2
    dwindy 4
    athens 4
    jon 12
    cr 16
    moseby 16

    And now the real drama begins. Tez has completed two races and is working on a perfect score. Who will he pick for his 3rd driver???? The Trifecta world is anxiously awaiting the announcement,

  22. Relief Drivers...

    Throwing Kyle out of NW

    Taking Vettel in F-1

    Can't beat others who have JJ in Cup, so am replacing him with CARL!


  23. And let's not forget the drama for the Trifecta championship. At this point, both Tez and Kristen are poised to take the outright lead for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy with just one weekend left. Don't count out CR and Hanny just yet. Either one of them could come back and win next week.

    Let the mind games begin.

  24. Gee, that didn't take long at all. Changes noted- there will be a 5 point penalty for dumping Kyle.

  25. yes, SB, the Hamster in this case is referring to the silver and red Vodafone version, not the black FedEx one that races with a roof over his head :)

  26. CR: I meant the NW and Gene picked Kyle, K went with Harvick. Kinda glad I stuck with Carl though ;)

  27. and, to save the scouring through the trifecta rule book over whether nicknames only are allowed, I'll state it outright now:
    F1 - Lewis Hamilton....Abu Dhabi owes him after last year (mind you, Montreal owes Ambrose 4 wins as well now...).

  28. I'd like to switch my NNS Kyle pick to Carl. ...What? Too late you say? LOL I'm out of it this week. Have fun the rest of you!

  29. CR-

    You may be out of it for this week, but you're still racing for placement in the other two races. See the tie-breaker above,

  30. After 2-

    tez 2
    klv 4
    sb 5
    dwindy 7
    hanny 8
    athens 11
    jon 14
    cr 18
    moseby 23

    Hamilton's 2nd place finish in F1 gives Tez his 6th win of the season and the outright lead for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy. Kristen, Hanny, and CR are still "points" racing just in case we end up in a tie after next week's races.

  31. tez...

    I know it's early... But, do you have a mantle at your place?

    Just trying to figure out where you're going to display your cherished 24 carat gold lug nut...

    WTG! You're on the road to acquiring another prestigious award... The Walking Eagle!

  32. Hmmmm Tez you are more and more like Vadar everyday. Congrats on the early win!

    Dang it!!

  33. cool! I'm throwing my full support behind Athens, SB, Jon and Dwindy for next week to pick up a win if I can't go back-to-back :P

  34. Final Standings-

    tez 4
    hanny 9
    klv 9
    dwindy 12
    sb 17
    jon 20
    athens 21
    moseby 29
    cr 31

    Ok, so here are your championship scenarios: We have 4 players still in contention for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy- Tez, CR, Hanny, and Kristen.

    1.)If Tez wins next week, the trophy is his.

    2.)If CR wins, the trophy is his by virtue of the perfect score tie-breaker(that sound you hear is Tez cursing Lewis Hamilton for not winning)

    3. If Hanny wins, he gets the trophy(perfect score).

    4.) If Kristen wins- unless she gets a perfect score- we go to the tie breaker.

    5. If anyone other than the four mentioned above win, the trophy goes to Tez.

    Let the smack talk begin.

  35. Nice win Vader! lol

    How about pulling a King Solomon in case of a tie? :0

  36. I guess I'll just take my two wins today, and a 2nd on Friday, and go on back to the shop and prepare for Miami.

    WTG Tez!!!

  37. CR- it may come to that. The tie break procedure is outlined above.

    Hanny- if it weren't for Kyle's little faux pas in the Nationwide race, those placements would have gotten you the win this week (you picked before Tez).

  38. Yeah, Speedy... For want of a patch, a tire was lost, for want of a tire, a race was lost, for want of a race, a tri-fecta was lost, for want of a tri-fecta, the coveted triple lug nut trophy may be lost. 8..(

  39. can't do smack talk, a couple of guys named "Jimmy Johnstone" and "Chad Knouse" nicked my cliche book dang it!