Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Trifecta- Another Boring Race In California Edition

Greetings, race fans! Well, the IRL wrapped up its 2010 campaign last week, and soon we will reach the finale of another exciting Trifecta season. In the chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, tez still stands alone with 5 wins, but CR, Hanny, and last week's winner Kristen are nipping at his heels.

This week's races find the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series at California while F1 heads to Japan.

The races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from California, Saturday October 9; green flag drops at 4:46pm ET (entry list)

2.) The F1 Japan Grand Prix, Sunday October 10; green flag drops at 2:00am ET

3. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from California, Sunday October 10; green flag drops at 3:16pm ET (entry list)

Good luck and let's go racing!

NOTE: The Trifecta will be off next week (not enough races on the schedule).


  1. Well, I was going to pick Jimmie for the Cup race, but Dwindy is so sure he's gonna jinx him....

    NNWS- Kyle
    F1- Webber
    Cup- ............? Biffle, I guess??? No, Jimmie Johnson!

    Going with my gut. Besides, he triple-dog dared me!!!

  2. Mah mah MAH!

    NW - Cousin Carl
    F1 - Alonso
    Cup - Kurt as promised!


  3. NW... Kyle



    Thanks, Speedy!

  4. what, no Bathurst?! I am appalled :(

  5. Geez... You guys are somethin'...

    Okie Dokie!

    F1 - Hamilton!
    F2 - no... ahhh, NWS - Harvick
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson! (take that CR and if it comes true you inherit the HEX!)

    Thank you Miss SB!

  6. F1--Robert Kubica

    NNS--Happy Harvick


  7. NW - Joey.

    CUP - JAMIE.

    F1 - Alonso.

  8. NW - Brad Keselowski
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel
    V8SC - the Craig Lowndes/Mark Skaife pairing

  9. Come on tez, get with the program. LOL

  10. I'll wait until after practice tomorrow, CR :)

  11. Bathurst is the most anticipated race of the year for me though so I was always going to put a pick in for it, lol :P

  12. Nationwide - BK
    F1 - Massa
    Cup - Still on the Smoke train right now

    Danica finishes 40 laps down after contact with Kyle mid-race

  13. Dang Kurtus sucked it in quals- might have a driver change coming! LOL

  14. The Beagle picks-

    Nationwide- Bad Brad

    F1- Webber

    Cup- Harvick

  15. After one:

    cr 1
    hanny 1
    tez 2
    moseby 2
    sb 2
    dwindy 3
    jon 3
    klv 4
    athens 5

    BTW Kristen- in Kurt's Sprint commercial, exactly what is he doing in those vacation videos??? Drinking Budweiser????

  16. Wow, you could add all our scores together, and still finish better than Danica!

    Kurt's vacation videos are supposed to be private. hmmm... may be enjoying something more exotic than Budweiser!

  17.! Danica sounded so helpless and stupid when she asked her crew chief what was she supposed to do now! Like maybe she was just supposed to sit there and someone would come out and drive her helpless self to the garage for her!duh!

  18. Cup - Jeff Gordon

    F1 quals going on now having been washed out yesterday....track was under about an inch of water, lol

  19. tez, did you see the little raft race Red Bull started on pit road yesterday? lol

  20. Tez, I wish NASCAR would do the SAME THING as F1 if qualifying gets rained out on a Friday! Have Saturday morning qualifying, particularly if Nationwide races in a different track.

  21. Red Bull front row. Stay away storm clouds...

  22. I think the Han Man is catching on to the open wheel world. Working on a perfect Trifecta!

  23. After two-

    hanny 2
    cr 3
    tez 3
    sb 4
    klv 7
    dwindy 8
    athens 8
    jon 22
    moseby 23

    Looks like Hanny has another perfect score going. Will Kyle live up to his end of the bargain??????

  24. Drivers to Watch (YAHOO SPORTS):
    Jamie McMurray McMurray won the pole for the spring race at Fontana, but he ended up 17th in the race. McMurray has five top-10 finishes in 14 starts at the track. "I don't know what it is about racing at Fontana, but it's a track that I really enjoy coming to," said McMurray. "Auto Club Speedway is more of a driver's track where you as the driver can really dictate your times by which line you choose on the race track."

  25. Han just posted on Spinout: Shane Hmiel in critical condition with a broken back and two broken vertebrae in his neck after a USAC wreck in Terre Haute.:(

  26. CR posts his 5th win of the season and ties tez for the lead in the chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy.

    Congrats, CR!

    The final standings:

    cr 6
    dwindy 11
    sb 11
    tez 12
    moseby 24
    athens 25
    klv 28
    jon 29
    hanny 37

    Remember- the Trifecta will be off next weekend, but we'll be back at Martinsville for Hanny's next shot at a Kylefecta repeat.

  27. Nice! 1-1-35! WTF! Rooty may want to keep one eye on the rear view from now on.

    Congrats, CR

  28. nice job, CR!

    anyone see the shunt on lap 1 at Bathurst? They're going close to 180mph when it happened.

    Thanksgiving here so long weekend, woohoo!

  29. Congrats CR! Who has the hex now?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Thanks all! I couldn't have done it without Jimmie's golden horse shoe!

    Tez, I watched the whole race. Seems like bad luck was heavy in Japan, and California this weekend!

    I don't have no hex! But if I do, I'll be sure to use it wisely. lol

  32. Horse something but not a golden shoe!

    Kristen I think that Hex is all yours based on what happened to Kurt!

    Hey SB... What do we get for second place???

    I guess even a blind old squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while...

    Congratulations CR!