Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Trifecta- Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Edition

Greetings, race fans. This week's Trifecta is a straight 3 up, 3 down edition. The NASCAR Nationwide and Cup drivers are in the capitol of the Confederacy, while F1 travels to Italy.

In the Chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, CR and tez top the leaderboard with 4 wins each.

On to this week's races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Richmond, Friday September 10; green flag drops at 7:43pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Richmond, Saturday September 11; green flag drops at 7:43pm ET (entry list)

3.) The F1 Italian Grand Prix from Monza, Sunday September 12; green flag drops at 8:00am ET (entry list)

Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. Ok, I'll try this again... gonna take a chance on the Cup race, and pick a guy who need's a win for a chance at the Chase;

    Nationwide - Denny Hamlin
    Cup - Ryan Newman
    F1- Jensen Button

    Gene, it's open for the Kyle Bifecta!

  2. Now we're picking the losers this week? Okay, I'm good at that! Here goes...

    NWS - Points Leader Brad Keselowski
    Cup - 4 time in-a-row Cup Champ Jimmie Johnson
    F1 - The Brazilian Terror Felipe Massa

  3. NW - Clint Bowyer
    Cup - I'll take the wrath of klv and go with Tony Stewart
    F1 - Lewis Hamilton...frankly, if anyone other than him or Button win, it will have been an upset.

  4. I'll go with the Harvick Daily Double and Robert Kubica in F1.

  5. wrath! wrath! wrath!!! =)
    and I'll leave the Kyle-bifecta for Gene too...

    NW - Carl "I'm not sorry" Edwards
    Cup - Denny "my knee is fine so my driving now sucks" Hamlin
    F1 - Lewis "I have no idea about F1 drivers so I'll copy Tez" Hamilton

  6. Hmmmm....

    NNS..... KYLE!



    Think Pink!

  7. I thought we fixed that copying issue of yours at Sonoma, Kristen....I'll see about getting CR to help me draft up some notes for next year :P

  8. Ms. Speed Beagle... I'd like to switch my Cup driver. I've come to the conclusion JJ won't run hard at Richmond (Watch the son of a gun will prove me wrong...)

    Could I have David Reutimann instead please?

    Feels like a Reuti Tooti kind of race!

  9. Hamilton is an excellent choice. The only team close to McLaren at Monza would be Red Bull. Of course team Ferrari may have fooled everyone with their lukewarm optimism.

    Next year? Who knows?

  10. did you *see* the amount of rear wing McLaren and Renault were using in practice?! OMG, is this Monza or Monaco?!!!

    I know it's due to the F-duct and all....but wow!

  11. I only caught the tail end of practice this morning before heading off to the salt mines. So I didn't notice. That's odd... I didn't think the F-duct reduced drag significantly enough to have an outlaws-of- dirt racing wing? lol

  12. I'm going to go ahead and get my picks in-

    The Beagle is going with

    Nationwide- Bad Brad

    Cup- Jeffie G

    F1- Webber

  13. CR--one down, two to go!! (Harvick in Cup and Kubica in F1.)

  14. After one race:

    jon 1
    dwindy 2
    sb 2
    cr 6
    athens 6
    tez 7
    hanny 9
    klv 10

    Athens- Denny was in the #20 this week instead of Joey, so I gave you credit for Denny.

  15. It was my fault for not catching it before the race and giving her the opportunity to make a change, so this is the only fair way of doing it.

    That's why I post the entry list for each race. Always a good idea to double check that your driver is entered.

  16. Since I won't be around to watch the race tonight...

    Let me just say... GO 00! David Reutimann! You da man!

    Dont' let Newman, Smoke, Lil Ol Jamie, or Denny boy get by ya! Give Kyle, Harvick and Jeffers a red light!

    Let 'em all curse their lousy luck!

    Bring it home! Reuti Tooti, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    In the F1 race, Ferrari with Massa rules in Italia!

    There, I feel better now! LOL

    Who's comin' in 2nd?

  17. Well, that was an outragious outburst of smack talk! lol

  18. I was wondering who might rise to the bait! lol It was a great big night crawler! YUK!

  19. Thank you, SB. I'm in a zone, dealing with a lot of stuff like ex-husband is terminally ill, foreclosure and my boyfriend doesn't like NASCAR! The last one is taking precedence at the moment as the race should be starting

  20. Rats! The race is blacked out here for the Oregon, Tennesse game. Guess I'll have to watch the replay on ESPN tonight.

    All I've got to say is, GO NEWMAN! Block anyone who tries to pass you, and when you catch up to Clint, nudge him aside! Also, GO BUTTON! Don't let any Italian team near you, and beat Hamilton! That's a team order! LOL

  21. They're saying on the Daly Planet Live Blog that there was supposed to be a 9/11 tribute before the race and the game is going to cause them not to be able to show it but that the race will air as usual "in some places." Sorry, CR!

  22. My mistake. I thought the race was on ESPN, where the countdown show was. I'm all sttled in on ABC, and that was a great opening ceremony. Even Night Ranger was good!

  23. I'm satelliteless, but I'll probably crash after a hard day at the yard sale!lol Enjoy the race. Go, Jamie!

  24. After two taces, it's still anybody's game:

    jon 10
    klv 11
    hanny 11
    sb 14
    cr 17
    dwindy 21
    tez 23
    athens 23

  25. Woot! Hamster saved me...lets hope Tez knows what he is talking about in F1!!

  26. rut roh, Kristen's gonna be mad at me after that first 30 seconds.....

  27. Wasn't Joey driving the CUP #11 since Denny was in the NW #20?lol

  28. Final Standings:

    hanny 15
    jon 18
    cr 19
    sb 19
    dwindy 24
    athens 32
    klv 34
    tez 46

    Congrats to hanny on his 4th win of the season. He now moves into a tie with CR and tez for the lead in the overall standings.

  29. TEZ!!!!!!!

    Congrats to Gene - whew only a few races left to catch these guys for the Trifecta Cup!

  30. Since I like Kyle, it's nice to see the guy stuck on him in the trifecta pull even with those open wheel dudes!

    Go get 'em Gene! Take no prisoners!

  31. to be fair, Lewis did have a great start....he just did a bonehead move (and admitted it) with Massa and destroyed his right front suspension *face palm*

  32. indeed, well done on the win, Gene :)

  33. Congrats on the win Dude. I knew I should have stuck with Hamlin. But I had to get all sentimental, and pick Newman!

  34. Good job, Han!

    CR, "sentiment" will get you every time, but you could have a worse fault!:)

  35. Thanks to the boys back at the shop... and some guy named Vettel. I thought Vettels were what's for dinner at the Clampetts'.