Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Trifecta- And So It Begins Edition

Greetings, race fans. Time once again for that easiest of all fantasy racing games, the Trifecta. This week's races find the Chase for the Sprint Cup gearing up, while the Indy guys and gals are winding down their season.

In the chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut trophy, we have a three-way tie between CR, tez, and hanny with 4 wins each. Klv and moseby are hot on their heels with 3 wins each. Jon and Athens each have two wins, and well, let's just say that Dwindy and the Beagle are still in it mathematically.

On to this week's races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from New Hampshire, Saturday September 18; green flag drops at 3:19pm ET (entry list)

2.) The IRL race from Japan, Sunday September 19; green flag drops at 12:00am(midnight) ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup race from New Hampshire, Sunday September 19; green flag drops at 1:15pm ET (entry list)

Please check the entry lists to make sure your driver is entered in the race.

Good luck, and let's go racing!


  1. Trucks- Kyle Busch
    IndyCar- Dario
    Cup- Kyle Busch

    Sorry Gene, the early bird gets the worm...

  2. Trucks - Kevin Harvick
    Indy - Helio Castroneves
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson

    Ok Dwindy - I'd normally pick Kurt here but not willing to jinx him. Must need more therapy!

    (sorry Jon!)

  3. Trucks - Todd Bodine
    Indycar - Dan Wheldon
    Cup - Juan Montoya

    won't be around to watch the Truck race live as the recreation centre here have a display of the Winter Olympic medals....besides, it's Loudon so I'm not missing anything anyway ;)

  4. CWTS..... KYLE!



  5. CR... I wasn't going to take Kyle in the Cup race anyway. I wanted to take JJ... thanx Kris!

    Tez going out on a limb, taking a non-Chaser to win?

    Thanks to the Beagle!! I love your Trifecta intros each week!

  6. The start of a run the likes of which will leave all Lug Nuts with gaping mouths in awe! Dwindy's run to the Triple Lug Nut Trophy!

    These folks wiil all have their hair on fire this weekend!

    CWTS--- Todd Bodine... Born April 18th - Aries!

    IRL---- Danica Patrick... Born March 25th - Aries!

    Cup---- Kurt Busch... Born August 4th - Leo!

    WOW! I get to watch the two NASCAR races start to finish!

  7. D-One....Looks like Todd 'Onion' Bodine already had a follicle fire. And Kurt doesn't have a lot of kindling himself...LOL!

  8. Gene,

    Not a word about my IRL selection? Her flowing locks make up for the other two BIG time! LOL

  9. Trucks--Timothy Peters

    IRL--Scott Dixon

    Cup--Kurt Busch

    No problem Kristen--was planning on picking either Peters or Dillon this week.


    Cup--Jeff Gordon

    Now my picks are as follows:

    CWTS--Timothy Peters

    IRL--Scott Dixon

    Cup--Jeff Gordon

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  12. I think you'd know by now that I am rather weird, Gene...I mean really, picking Elliott Sadler last year in one of these things? Not sure what was worse, me doing that or him pulling through in the Cup race and winning it for me, LOL!

  13. Truck - Austin

    IRL - Dario

    Cup - Jamie

  14. Tez.... JPM does have some great finishes here recently... but a non-Chaser winning the first Chase race? NASCAR won't sit idly by while that happens. LOL

  15. Sorry about last weeks everyone - Wisconsin got the best of me.

    Trucks - Harvick

    IRL - Dario

    Cup - Smoke

  16. hmmm upon further review me thinks moseby's got the winning formula this week....

  17. wth happened to Vader and Hamlin in qualifying?

  18. The Beagle picks:

    CWTS- Harvick

    IRL- Dixon

    Cup- Bowyer

  19. I can feel Tony glaring at you from here for picking Clint over him, SB!

  20. righto, quals in Japan are done (Penske will start 1-2-3):
    Helio - 1st
    Dario - 4th
    Tony - 6th
    Dan - 9th
    Scott - 11th
    Danica - 12th

  21. After one race-

    cr 1
    hanny 1
    klv 3
    moseby 3
    sb 3
    athens 5
    jon 6
    tez 9
    dwindy 9

    Oh, and tez- Tony understands that I have to do whatever is necessary to win :o)

  22. Oh well...

    How about I switch to college football...

    GO TEXAS TECH!!! Whoop them dang short horns!

  23. Dwindy-

    Let's hope so. All I can say is if Tech loses, Tommy Tuberville is out at the end of the season. There's still a lot of anger and resentment toward the athletic department over Mike Leach, and this game will be make or break.

    (And for the record, the reason Mike Leach didn't beat Texas more often is that the Big 12 allows UT to use Austin based refs for home games. All the other schools have to use refs outside their home area.)

  24. Texas-smexas! =) How 'bout them WILDCATS baby!! Woot! Bear Down Arizona!!

    AND Helio wins! Great night for me!!

  25. How 'bout Helio baby!! He ran away with the race. ...and Danica get's another top 5!

  26. After two:

    cr 3
    klv 4
    moseby 5
    sb 6
    athens 7
    hanny 8
    jon 12
    dwindy 14
    tez 19

    Looks like we;ve got another close one(are you seeing this NASCAR? It CAN be done- and WITHOUT phantom debris cautions!)

  27. Final Standings:

    sb 7
    hanny 10
    athens 10
    cr 12
    jon 18
    dwindy 27
    klv 29
    moseby 29
    tez 37

    The Beagle wins her second Trifecta of the season.

  28. See isn't a win better than backing your true love? Now you can teach Smoke how to pull out a close one...

    Congrats SB!!

  29. Way to go SB! And you may find this odd, but all my picks finished SIXTH in their respective races!

  30. Good Job, SB! Have a great week, everybody!

  31. good stuff, SB. Gutsy going with head over heart for the Cup race :)

  32. Yeah, jon. I noticed that. Anything you'd like to tell us?