Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Trifecta- If You're Going To San Francisco Edition

Greetings, race fans. The Trifecta comes to you a day early this week since a large number of our participants will be travelling to Sonoma this weekend.

The races:

1.) The Nationwide Series race from Road America, Saturday June 19; green flag drops at 3:51pm ET (entry list)

2.) The IRL race from Iowa, Sunday June 20; green flag drops at 2:30pm ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Sonoma, Sunday June 20; green flag drops at 3:19pm ET (entry list)

That's it. Let's go racing!


  1. NW.... Hornaday



  2. Hey SB!

    Gotta hurry, a big T-Storm is on the way!

    NW - Bad Brad Keselowski

    IRL - Danica Patrick (Hold on tight!)

    Cup - Juan Pablo Montoya!

    How's that for a twist?

    Thanks SB! Hope you got a back scratch today!

  3. I'll go full on Aussie this week, lol
    NW - Owen Kelly
    Indycar - Ryan Briscoe
    Cup - Marcos Ambrose

    looking forward to catching up with a few peeps down there, I must say :D

  4. and huge thanks to SB for getting this up early :)

  5. NW - Joey

    INDY - Dario Franchitti


  6. Have a safe trip, Everybody! Who's going this year?

  7. NW--Ron Fellows

    Indy--Helio Castroneves

    Cup--Kevin Harvick

  8. NNS - Ron Fellows

    Indy - Dario! Dario! Dario!

    Cup - Smoke takes the checkers when Harvick and Shrub wreck each other off turn 11 on the final lap.

    Everyone have a great time in Wine Country this weekend. Hope the weather is great.

  9. change my NW to Brad K. thank you.

  10. NW - Carl Edwards
    IRL - Helio my love!
    Cup - Jeffy G

    Can't wait! Myself, Tez, RA6AN, and Jon464 are going for sure with a possible surprise appearance by CR Racing on Sunday.

  11. NW - Ron Fellows

    IRL- Ryan Briscoe

    Cup- Denny Hamlin

    Sorry Kristen, I'm staying put here in Oregon. Have a blast at the track all!

  12. Kristen, Kristen, Kristen- don't you know by now that Carl will not win? Maybe you could ask him to personally apologize to the Beagle for trash talking her Tony back in 2006(her other idea is to make him sing "Put Down the Duckie") Of course, all apologies and/or musical serenades will have to be video taped so that the Beagle can see them.

  13. The Beagle picks-

    NW- Jacques Villeneuve

    IRL- Helio

    Cup- TONY!!!!!!

  14. Just think of my pick as trying to jinx him SB! And didn't I get in enough trouble for you last year!?!? LOL

    Bummer CR! =( There might also be another surprise appearance by ole Hoosier Racer this year too.

  15. Ren's not going to be able to go this year? bummer.

  16. Unfortunately, I dont think Ren is going to make it down - she was trying!

  17. Gee, Tony's press conference at Sonoma this year wasn't nearly as good as last year's. I wonder why? :o)

  18. Tony got loose! 3rd overall so far!

  19. Looks like Carl is going to do it. 5 laps to go. Kristen picked right. Anything could happen though.

  20. After 1 race-

    Klv 1
    jon 2
    moseby 2
    CR 2
    dwindy1 4
    Athens 4
    Tez 5
    Hanny 12
    SB 25

  21. Woot!! Jon, Tez, RA6An and I just watched the end of the NW race at Applebee's just outside the track. Everyone made it and are having a blast. Did anyone see boxing Kangaroo flag on Trackside last night? That was Tez! Managed to get Marcos to autograph it for him today...

    I'll do my best to get a blog up asap!

  22. we're hoping to get a group shot some time today given Kristen and RA6AN head back after the race while Jon and I don't.

    The NW race was a blast...although maybe not for Kristen given the rest of us kept going "ooooooo!" when someone went off (which was quite often after that red flag, lol) while she was on the phone, oopsie.

  23. after 2 races-

    Klv 3
    jon 4
    CR 6
    Tez 9
    dwindy1 14
    Hanny 18
    moseby 20
    Athens 22
    SB 27

    jon is hoping that Kevin finishes ahead of Jeffie, and Tez is hoping that both of them finish well behind Marcos.

  24. 10 laps to go and my guess is that Tez is just about to die--

  25. 8 to go and a caution- I sure hope either jon or RA6AN know CPR

  26. Athens-

    Marcos Ambrose was leading the race and was on his way to the win when the caution came out. Then he ended up stalling the car which eventually gave the win to JJ.

  27. And after all the dust settles-

    jon 7
    Klv 8
    Tez 15
    dwindy1 24
    moseby 29
    Athens 31
    SB 36
    CR 40
    Hanny 57

  28. Congrats to Jon!

    My first LAST place finish! Ouch!

  29. No one is infallible, Gene... Let ME tell you! lol

    Congrats to Jon. To the victor go the spoils!

    What are the spoils anyway?

    Thanks SB! Awesome job!

  30. Dang! I was so close and of course it was Gordon that took out Kurt!!!

    Congrats to Jon!

    I can vouch that Tez is alive and well - just stunned and needing a session on the couch. Apparently I was in the background of Marcos' post race interview...??

    Race report coming asap...

  31. $%^&@#!!!!

    Just needed to get that out of my system, lol

    Congrats to Jon for winning, was a fantanstic weekend.

    And, can I just say, big props to all 3 of them for putting up with me today given I have a sore throat, stuffed nose and am all but dead on my feet...I take full responsibility if any of you get that :(

  32. Congrats Jon!

    Tez, what can I say, that was just unbelievable....

  33. Thanks guys!! Had a GREAT time all weekend and at the race with Kristen, RA6AN, and Tez!! A blog will be forthcoming in the next few days.