Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Trifecta- The Blackout Begins Edition

Greetings, Trifecta fans. It's that time again. NASCAR moves to cable, and the Beagle is left in the dark for all but three Saturday night races that will be broadcast on ABC(unless I can get them over the net).

This week, all three NASCAR series are racing, as well as the IRL.

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, CR still leads the field with 2 wins.

The races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Texas, Friday June 4; green flag drops at 9:19pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Nashville, Saturday, June 5; green flag drops at 8:16pm ET (entry list)

3.) The IRL race from Texas, Saturday, June 5; green flag drops at 8:50pm ET (entry list)

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Pocono, Sunday June 6; green flag drops at 1:18pm ET (entry list)

Remember, there is no penalty for changing drivers within a race. There is a 5 point penalty for changing races once you have completed a race.

Good luck!


  1. How's the Beagle? Did I tell you when I was a kid I had a hunting Beagle? His name was Peanuts (real original, huh?). I'd take him out to spook jackrabbits. In the tall weeds all you could see was the white tip of his tail going this way and that! Heck of a good dog!

    Okay, let's go racin'!

    Trucks - Almirola!

    Nationwide - Carl Edwards! (It's time for him and Ford to get their mojo back!)

    Sprint Cup - Kurt (Yes, I didn't mistype) Busch! It's his kind of action...

    I'm still pullin' for Kyle, but this is a weird track that calls for weird choices (hee hee)...

    Thanks SB!

  2. Hey SB - sorry about the blackout, is Race Buddy back? how annoying...

    Ok, lets try team Penske again...

    NW - Brad Keslowski
    IRL - My beloved Helio
    Cup - Dwindy stole Kurt but I am still taking him!

  3. "The Replacements" starring....

    Johnny Benson in the #18 Tundra

    Scott Riggs in the #21 NNS Chevy


    Denny Hamlin in the #11 Kyleswatter

  4. You can't take Kurt klvalus! You'll hex him! lol

  5. OK, time to win again...

    NCWS- Todd Bodine
    IRL- Ryan Briscoe
    Pocono- Denny Hamlin

  6. Trucks--Matt Crafton

    NNS--Kevin Harvick

    Cup--Kyle Busch

  7. I'll change my picks.

    Trucks--Matt Crafton

    NNS--Brad Keselowski

    Cup--Tony Stewart aka Smoke

  8. hmm, let's see now;
    Trucks - Johnny Sauter
    Indycar - Scott Dixon
    Cup - I'll take him a couple weeks earlier than expected despite his horrid luck so far, Marcos Ambrose

  9. NNS - BK
    IRL - Briscoe
    Cup - This is gonna hurt....JJ

  10. TRUCK - Kyle says to watch Johnny Benson but I'll pick Hornaday!

    NW - JAMIE!

    CUP - Tony Stewart

  11. and the Beagle picks-

    CWTS- Bodine

    IRL- Dario does it again

    Cup- Kyle(since everyone else seems to have deserted him)

  12. Beverly(via Facebook) is changing her NNS driver to Brad K.

  13. SB,

    If I'm allowed, I'd like to swap my truck race pick over to the Indy cars and take Will Power! That's just what I need!

    Thank You!

  14. Dwindy-

    You are allowed to make the change; however, there will be a 5 point penalty since the Truck race had already started. If you'd rather stick with your truck pick, let me know before the start of the IRL race.

  15. SB,

    I'll take the penalty and change. Thanks!

  16. Preliminary standings- Kristen, dwindy, and moseby's 1st race is the Nationwide race.

    CR 1
    SB 1
    Tez 2
    Athens 9
    Hanny 10
    jon 18

  17. I'll swap Marcos Ambrose for Justin Algaier in the NW race please, SB :)

  18. hmm, I just realised I've been spelling his name wrong...Allgaier, not Algaier, oops :P

  19. I knew I should have switched from Benson to Schrader when I saw he was entered last night! LOL

    Although, both of them proved last night that the driver means more than the equipment.

  20. Bad fire in IndyCar race. Why is it so hard for safety crews to keep their heads, and put the damn fire out? Hope she's ok....

  21. I'd wager it's because each member of the safety crew has their own job to focus on, CR...if one person is trained just to get the driver out rather than using an extinguisher, then they might do more harm if they tried to put the fire out *shrugs*

  22. Suppose you're right tez. Whoever was "trained" to put the fire out, sure was slow about it!

  23. With everyone having completed one race-

    Klv 1
    CR 1
    moseby 1
    SB 1
    Tez 2
    dwindy1 7 (2nd place finish for Carl +5 penalty)
    Athens 9
    Hanny 10
    jon 18

  24. And with everyone having completed 2 races, the standings look like this:

    CR 2
    moseby 2
    Tez 5
    SB 6
    Athens 10
    Hanny 19
    jon 19
    dwindy1 21
    Klv 21

    Wow, two players with the chance at the first perfect score of the season. Can Denny bring it home for CR, or will JJ return to VL give moseby the win? Don't count out Tez and the Beagle just yet. They're just waiting for the front runners to make a mistake.

    See you tomorrow after the Cup race.

  25. SB, I'll put my hand up and be honest; I should be on 6, not 5 after two races.

  26. Can I change to Denny before the green flag?

  27. Tez- I had heard that Justin finished 3rd, but has him listed 4th. Change noted.

    Athens- yes, you can, and I made the change for you.

  28. I recanted, SB. I wasn't thinking. Han has Denny. Sorry about that.

  29. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first perfect score of the season. Congrats to CR, who now extends his lead in the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy.

    The final standings:

    CR 3
    moseby 7
    SB 8
    Tez 10
    Athens 13
    Hanny 20
    jon 22
    dwindy1 27
    Klv 27

  30. Congratulations, CR!!!!

    And WTG, Moseby!lol

    So, I'm 5th from first or 5th from last!lol

  31. Wow, that was some finish! I'll side with Kevin, he held his line, and that's all you can expect from anyone running in the top 5 with 2 laps to go. If not, then they should be in another profession. My humble opinion.

    Thanks SB!

  32. Ok, I don't know what's going on here. When they showed the results of the race on "TV", Jimmie was shown in 5th place. Now, the unofficial results on have him in 29th. I thought he was clear of the wreck or did he run out of gas?

  33. Congrats to CR!!! Lighten up on us rookies!

    While Kev did not turn up into Joey....Kev also was not taking anywhere near his (or anyone else's) normal line into that turn. Joey never expected Kevin to keep driving straight past the normal turning point.