Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Dwindy!

Hey all --

One of our fav fellow Ex-Foxsports Bloggers is back in the fold. Dwindy has put fingers to keyboard again and is blogging here on blogspot.

Click the title to go to his blog or find it under "Our Blogs"


  1. Dwindy is a great guy, and a great writer. He's very knowledgeable about an array of subjects, and is always willing to help his fellow bloggers.

    He's only been a race fan for a couple of years and he's still learning the sport. Even though he is a Kyle fan, you will find him a lot easier to take than some of them. {Some of those KYLE! fans are just obnoxious.}

  2. Hey, Dwindy! Looks like I'll be reading something besides racing! Glad you're here!