Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Trifecta- The Longest Day Edition

Greetings, race fans. It's that time again- time to choose your races and drivers for this week's Trifecta.

We still have a tight battle for the lead in the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut trophy. CR leads the field with 2 victories with moseby being the latest to join the winner's circle.

This week brings us two of auto racing's most hallowed events- IRL's Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR's longest race of the season, the Coca Cola 600.

Let's get to the races.

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide series race from Charlotte, Saturday May 29; green flag drops at 2:46pm ET. (entry list)

2.) The F1 Turkish Grand Prix from Istanbul, Sunday May 30; green flag drops at 8:00am ET. (entry list)

3.) The Indianapolis 500, Sunday May 30; green flag drops at 1:11pm ET. (lineup)

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Coca Cola 600 from Charlotte, May 30; green flag drops at 6:16pm ET. (entry list)

Good luck, and let's go racing!!


  1. F1- Webber

    500- Helio

    600- Jimmie Johnson

    Pulling out the BIG GUNS this weekend!

  2. Hey Beagle!

    Long time no back scratch!

    Okay, down to business...

    F1 - Button (Isn't there a movie about him?)
    500- Will Power (That's his real name!)
    600- Kyle Busch!


  3. I need another Million Dollar win under my belt in this league...

    NW - Thorn Busch

    500 - My dancin man Helio

    600 - Mark Go Granddaddy Martin

  4. Hi guys-

    Everyone is logged in.

    Kristen- I read somewhere that Kyle's fiancee has a B.S. in Psychology. Maybe when you're at Sonoma you could give her a few pointers as a professional courtesy :o).

  5. LOL, bet she had her hands full with Kyle after the Allstar race!

    "... So, how does that make you feel?"

  6. I shall wait until NW quals are done before selecting me thinks...that gets the F1 quals out of the way as well, lol

  7. NNS....KYLE!



    It's me Hanahan. I'm in NoCal at Hidden Valley Lake in Lake County. Laptop was dropped at airport security yesterday, and is now shattered.

  8. NW - Kyle Busch

    F1 - Button

    CUP - Kyle Busch

  9. NNS--Kevin Harvick

    Indy--Ryan Hunter-Reay

    Cup--Denny Hamlin

    Hanny, hope you have LifeLock!

  10. SB - she is getting or just got her degree in Organizational Psychology - not clinical she'll be little use to Kyle. LOL

    Gene - OMG! That sucks!! You are pretty much in between me and CR Racing! Hope you enjoy your "vakay"...

  11. Gene is in NoCal? Straying a little far from the SC aren't we?

    Since the Doc took my 500 pick will have to adjust on the fly here:

    F1 - Vettel

    Indy 500 - Briscoe

    Coke 600 - I say the Biff breaks through

    Happy Memorial Day everyone! Please remember all of those who have fallen.

  12. righto, quals are pretty much done so here we go:
    NW - Brad Keselowski
    F1 - Lewis Hamilton
    Indycar - Dario Franchitti

  13. And the Beagle will go with:

    NW- Joey

    IRL- Dario

    Cup- Kurt

  14. PRELIMINARY standings after the Nationwide race. CR, dwindy, and moseby have yet to run their 1st race.

    Klv 1
    Hanny 1
    Athens 1
    Tez 2
    SB 3
    jon 6

  15. That was a tense F1 race!

    Red Bull and McLaren were fighting tooth and nail and it looked like the Bulls had the advantage after the stops when Vettel jumped Hamilton. Then Vettel went for a pass on Webber, Webber gave him a car and an inch on the inside, Seb tried to squeeze some track back, they touched, Vettel went out, Mark managed to finish in third. Then the 2 Maccas seemingly forgot what happened and decided to battle it out as well...luckily neither of them retired since they did touch by the look of the replays.

    I so want to hear the postrace conference, lol

  16. On further analysis, it appears that Vettel was *nearly* a car ahead when he zipped a little towards the racing line, hitting Webber. Mark is well known for being mighty hard to pass but I figure Seb thought he would cut him a tiny bit of slack since they're teammates....probably a 50/50 call since Mark could have let him go and Seb could have not jinked, but either way, it cost them the lead in the Constructors' title.

  17. With everyone having finished one race, the standings are:

    Klv 1
    Hanny 1
    Athens 1
    dwindy1 2
    Tez 2
    CR 3
    SB 3
    jon 6
    moseby 22

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  19. Woot! Let's go Tango with Indy Helio!!

  20. Wow, what a day this is shaping up to be. Let's hope the 600 is just as exciting.

    Here are the points standings with all players having completed two races:

    Athens 3
    Tez 3
    SB 4
    Hanny 5
    dwindy1 10
    Klv 10
    CR 12
    jon 23
    moseby 46

    Now comes the fun part. Tez's race day is finished(he picked Dario in the 500). He now has to sit back and hope that Kyle Busch doesn't pull off the double. A Kyle win gives Athens her 2nd victory of the season.

    The Beagle and Hanny are lurking, but Hanny will have to jump off the Kyle bandwagon for any hope of winning.

    dwindy, Kristen and CR are longshots, but like Hanny, dwindy will have to switch Cup drivers for any hope of winning.

    How will it all turn out? We'll know in another 600 miles.

  21. righto, my three races are done...I just hope the 600 is just as tense as Indy and Turkey were :)

  22. I presume that Athens would get the nod as she picked earlier than me since our picks are not the same, SB?

  23. Right. The tie goes to the person who posted first.

    You have to hope that Kyle does something stupid :o).

  24. not that it counts for me, but I'd have taken Kasey Kahne for the 600, lol

  25. Ok, my brain's not in math mode. We are down to a two person race between Athens and Tez.

    Tez's race day is over with a 2nd, a 1st, and a 1st for a total of 4 points. He is hoping for a Kyle meltdown, since a Kyle win would give Athens the Trifecta victory by virtue of the tie breaker.

    (BTW, Tez, Katie DOES have a stuffed M&M. She's just never been allowed to chew on it.)

  26. Tez, better hope SB gives Katie permission to chew on that stuffed M&M!

  27. Actually, it's more like who makes the better offer- Tez to let her chew on it or Hanny to keep it locked up :o)

  28. what if I say I'll only ever go to Office Depot or Burger King instead of their rivals when I need to from today on, lol

  29. Wow, what a day. Everyone join me in a rousing chorus of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!" as Tez comes home with his first win of the season and another near perfect Trifecta.

    The final standings:

    Tez 4
    SB 5
    Athens 6
    Hanny 8
    dwindy1 13
    Klv 14
    jon 41
    CR 49
    moseby 78

  30. Lucky I did wait ultimately since my first thoughts were Kyle over Brad and Vettel over Hamilton...that wouldn't have turned out as good in the end, lol

    I must say that all the racing this weekend has been pretty good...hope the GrandAm one tomorrow is as all. Obviously I can't watch that since it's not a public holiday up here, but happy MD for everyone else (or should that be ML given Kurt's drive tonight?).

  31. oh, and lucky I didn't take KK for the 600, that wasn't quite the inspired drive I would have been hoping for :o

  32. Congrats to Tez!

    Looks as if I may have to jump off the Kylefecta bandwagon... too many hangers on...LOL

  33. TEZ!!! Congratulations!!!

    Mose...You always pick Mr. Ashley Judd! What changed?lol

    Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day! Happy B-Day to Gene's Mom!

  34. tez won? Wy land to goshen!