Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Trifecta- So Close And Yet So Far Edition

Greetings Trifecta players. This week, NASCAR motors in to Texas Motor Speedway. That means my beloved Tony is a mere 250 miles east of my house. That's not a big deal when you're talking about driving in Texas. The road is straight and flat, and besides, I know some farm to market roads that the Highway Patrol doesn't.

This week presents us with our second "Build Your Own" Trifecta of the season with races in Nationwide, Sprint Cup, F1, and IRL.

In the standings for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, we have a four way tie. Jon, Kristen, CR, and Hanny all have one win. Will this be the week that we have a repeat winner?

The Races

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide race from Texas, Saturday April 17; green flag drops at 3:46pmET (entry list).

2.) The F1 Chinese Grand Prix from Shanghai, Sunday April 18; green flag drops at 3:00amET (entry list).

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Texas, Sunday April 18; green flag drops at 3:16pmET (entry list).

4.) The IRL Grand Prix of Long Beach, Sunday April 18; green flag drops at 4:15pmET (entry list).

Remember, should your driver tank in a particular race, you are permitted to change to a later race with a 5 point penalty.

Good luck, and let's go racing!


  1. Its Thursday already! Are you going to the Texas race to jump on your beloved Tony SB?

    My winning picks are:
    NW - Justin Lil'Gator
    CUP - Cousin Carl Edwards
    IRL - Will "I have the" Power

  2. Kristen-

    I wish. The only way Katie will ever get to throw herself on her Tony is if he makes an appearance here. Unfortunately, most drivers and their sponsors think that the westernmost border of the state of Texas is Interstate 35W.

  3. NNS--Kevin Harvick

    Cup--Matt Kenseth

    F1--Lewis Hamilton

    IRL--Scott Dixon

    BTW, what is a "Farm to Market" road?

  4. Jon- you only need to pick drivers in 3 of the 4 races, so you need to sit someone out.

    A Farm to Market road is exactly what it sounds like. It's a two lane road that meanders through the small farming communities and connects them to a major highway. It differs from a county road in that the state is responsible for maintaining the Farm to Market road. About the only time there's any traffic on them is during planting season and harvest season.

  5. And thanks for the clarification on the Farm to Market Roads.

  6. Farm to market roads, ah yes, I remember those from my childhood summers on my grandfather's farm near Godley, which is near Cleburne, which is south of Fort Worth, which is near Teaxas Motor Speedway, which is where NASCAR is this weekend.

    NNS- Kyle Busch
    F1- Jensen Button
    Indy- Will Power

    Cup- Whoever takes 2 tires for the GWC restart, and doesn't spin their tires, and/or wreck!

  7. Farm to Market roads aka, ALL roads leaving Virginia Tech.




  8. NW - Kelly Bir...oh wait, Kyle Busch then
    F1 - Sebby V in the Red Bull
    Indy - Dario Franchitti

  9. The Beagle picks:

    NNS- Joey
    Cup- Tony
    IRL- Dario

  10. Rain, rain, go away. Katie wants to race today(or at least tomorrow- unfortunately, it looks like Monday before NASCAR will be back on the track).

  11. rain scuppers Red Bull again, lol

    ahh well, great drives by the Macca boys ultimately.

  12. As long as it's not raining in Long Beach, there will be a Trifecta update this afternoon.


  13. My open wheel picks finished on the podium. Nice!

  14. After all players have completed one race, the standings are:

    CR 1
    Klv 3
    jon 4
    Tez 6
    Hanny 7
    SB 12

    CR and Tez have completed 2 races. The rest of us are stuck in rain delay.

  15. dang it, I'm never picking Dario again, lol

  16. Two races down, and the standings look like this:

    CR 4
    Hanny 11
    Tez 18
    jon 24
    Klv 36
    SB 44

    Hanny and Tez, you might want to think about changing your NNS pick.

  17. Not that it's going to move me up in the standings by any great leap, but I'm changing my Nationwide pick to Brad Keselowski.

  18. If Hanny and/or Tez don't change their picks, I don't see how you could lose. Then again, who would have thought that two of the most dominant cars in the Cup race would have finished 31st and 32nd.

  19. With the 5 lost points for changing, I don't think I would have a shot anyway. I'd need a driver to finish 13 spots ahead of KYLE!, and we know that won't happen.

    Big picture, big picture..... We are racing for the Chase, aren't we?

  20. No, no, no- You don't lose points for changing drivers in the SAME race(ie change Kyle to BK). You only lose points if you change races(ie change from NNS to F1).

  21. I HATE to do it, but I will change KYLE! to carl edwards:(

    The Kiss of Death! Mwah

    Stop gloating CR! Nobody likes a cocky egg counter. lol

  22. Gee, is that they're doing when thy crank that tool? Adjusting the wedge? I thought they were winding the spring motor to make the car go faster! I'm so glad they explain these technical things for us morons! lol

  23. We finally have a two time winner!!! Congrats CR on your water logged victory.

    The final standings:

    CR 5
    Tez 19
    jon 29
    Hanny 41
    Klv 47
    SB 48

    Just a few notes. There is not a full schedule of races next weekend, so there will be no Trifecta. Our next Trifecta will be the weekend of April 30.

    Katie has declared open season on the duck for the forseeable future. Pick him at your own risk(look at what happened to Hanny in the NNS race).

  24. OUCH!

    Thanks to Katie for assuring the KYLE! win!

  25. good job, of these days, the rain won't ruin my chances with the F1 race pick, lol

  26. CR taking the early lead -- congrats!