Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Trifecta- MIdnight at the Oasis Edition

Greetings, race fans! It's time once again to play racing's easiest fantasy game, the Trifecta. Our featured races this week are the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup races from Phoenix and the IRL Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

In the hunt for the coveted Triple Lug Nut trophy, CR, jon, and Kristen each have one win.

Speaking of Kristen, she will be at the track for this weekend's NASCAR races. Perhaps she and Kurt can bake Jimmie, Chad, and the #48 team a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies for race day.

Now on to the races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide race from Phoenix, Friday April 9; green flag drops at 9:45pm ET. (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Race from Phoenix, Saturday April 10; green flag drops at 7:44pm ET. (entry list)

3. ) The IRL Indy Grand Prix of Alabama from Birmingham, Sunday April 11; green flag drops at 3:45pm ET. (entry list)

There you have it. Good luck, and let's go racing!


  1. Woot! Going all Team Penske this weekend!

    Garage reports soon - staying with family so hard to get them done as quick!

    NW - Lil Gator two steps his way to a win
    Cup - Kurt gets the final dance with Victoria
    IRL - and still waiting on my Mambo with Helio...

  2. Kristen-

    Picks logged in. Now how about you and Kurt baking those cookies for JJ and company????

  3. Howdy all! Have a great weekend!!!

    NW- Harvick
    Cup- Jeff Gordon
    IRL- Ryan Briscoe

  4. NW - big, bad Brad Keselowski.
    Cup - I'll try to help the beagle out and pick Jimmie Johnson....I expect gifts if this works and he gets a DNF ;)
    Indy - road course...Will Power to make it a threepeat to start the season.

  5. C is for cookie...good enough for me!

    I'll see what I can do SB! But what if I accidentally mix up the 48 and the 14 haulers? LOL Kidding!!

  6. tez, whoever gets the poll at Barber, wins the race. Only place to pass is pit lane! lol

  7. CR & Tez-

    Picks logged in.

    As for stopping JJ, the race day gift of fresh baked cookies should do the trick provided that she and Kurt use the proper brand of chocolate chips- if you get my drift :o).

  8. NNS....KYLE!



  9. I hope I'm not too late:

    NNS--Kevin Harvick

    Cup--Mark Martin

    IRL--Ryan Hunter-Reay

  10. LOL at Gene... JJ with no (!)

    Tony's gonna be eyeing any cookies that show up...

  11. LOL at CR....Tony will be eye violating those cookies!

    JJ is my jinx pick. 9th at Martinsville after I picked him.

  12. The Beagle will go with:

    NNS- Joey Logano

    Cup- Kevin Harvick

    IRL- Scott Dixon

  13. What was up with Kyle on that restart pile-up? Maybe Gene can enlighten us...

  14. Never mind, It was obviously a stratergy move to win the race.

  15. strategy.
    President Bush... stratergy. lol

  16. Yep,just when you thought that Kyle had blown it, he comes back and wins the race. After one race-

    Hanny 1
    CR 2
    jon 2
    Tez 3
    SB 10
    Klv 13

    Maybe we should send Kyle some of Jimmie's "special" chocolate chip cookies.

  17. Yea SB. Sounds like a Christian thing to do. I mean, it's all for good will, right? lol

  18. Yep, and I even made sure that our "chocolate" of choice wasn't on the banned substances list.

  19. Dang man, Lil Gator got screwed by Bires in the pits. I had high hopes of contending for a win tonight.

    Operation ChocChipCookie is a go. Blog coming! (hard to blog at the parents house...)

  20. where did Ambrose pull that qualy time from? He was nowhere in practice, lol

  21. Has anyone seen driving like that on display after the last restart Friday night?

    If so, who was doing it?

  22. Looks like tomorrow's IRL race is going to be a nail biter. Are we headed for another photo finish, and will we finally see a repeat winner?

    The standings with one to go:

    CR 4
    Hanny 4
    Tez 6
    jon 6
    SB 23
    Klv 48

  23. Well, Helio didn't come through with that mambo with Kristen, but he did bring home the victory in the IRL race; however, Dario's 3rd place finish gives us our 4th different winner in as many races.

    Congratulations Hanny!!!

    The final standings-

    Hanny 7
    CR 10
    Tez 10
    jon 18
    SB 25
    Klv 49

    Next week, it's on to Texas and our second BYO of the season with the NNS Cup, IRL, and F1 all in action.

  24. Thanks to the boys back at the shop.

  25. Dang! Helio did good for me but not Kurt. Oh well...