Monday, April 26, 2010

Instant Messages from Hendrick Motorsports

Another snagged instant chat from Hendrick Motorsports.

Who could complain this week?


  1. Hmmmm. Chad and JJ are very sly.

    I can actually hear Rick saying everything you have here...LOL

  2. I wonder if Chad put a bug on your IM program at one time or another...LOL! He IS very sly!

  3. I doubt Chad has time to worry about me!

    I think Knaus maybe the brains behind the whole thing. It would be interesting to see how both JJ and Chad do separate from each other. Gordon and Evernham were both good (like JJ/CK) but apart they didn't have the same dynamic.

  4. Annette you always get the best insider info! =)

    HMS = NASCAR mafia with everyone kissing Chad's ring eh? I'd believe it!

  5. KLV - Stranger things have happened. Plus, right now the #48 team is the darling and bane of the whole series. Knaus has to be a mechanical genius to keep Jimmie going and to fix the things they do on a series of pitstops.

  6. Hey Annette! Great scribble! Thanks for the inside info.

    PS: there's room at the Inn for you. . .