Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calling All Trifecta Players

The 2010 racing season will soon be here and that means another great Trifecta season. This year, we will be competing for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy which will be awarded to the season champion. The season champion will be the player with the most wins(hey, NASCAR, there's a novel idea).

The "Build Your Own" Trifecta will return this season on weekends with 4 or more races. This will allow competitors to choose which races they wish to follow instead of having races imposed upon them. There will also be a new rule change for the "BYO" format- if your driver in a chosen race has a less than spectacular finish, you will be allowed to substitute one of the remaining races with a 5 point penalty.

The 2010 racing schedule poses some problems. Following Daytona, we will not be able to field a complete Trifecta lineup again until March 27.

Another scheduling change affects the Memorial Day Weekend Trifecta. There are 4 races scheduled for that weekend; however, the Trifecta for that weekend has traditionally been the Indy 500, the Coke 600, and the Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately, F1 has moved the Monaco race back two weeks, and they will be racing in Turkey Memorial Day weekend. Do we want to keep that a 3 race weekend(IRL, Cup, F1) even though it will not be the traditional races or do you want it to be a build your own(Nationwide series is also racing that weekend)?

Let me know what you think.

The spreadsheet is ready. All we need now are the races.


  1. Thanks for carrying on the trifecta SB!

    Wow, cant believe there wont be three races until end of March after Daytona...

    I vote for build yer own on Memorial Day weekend but dont really care either way.

  2. Thanks for doing this, Speedy.

    NASCAR could take a lesson from you on how to give a press release.

    I vote for the BYO on Mem Day, also.

    Just one suggestion, and I don't remember if you ever did this or not. Since we will be going for the coveted trophy this year, please don't try to make Trifectas by using bicycle races, or small foreign series races. Those races were fun to guess at, but can we stick to F-1, Indy Car Series, and the 3 NASCAR series, please?

  3. I would be interested in the Trifecta also. I am in agreement with Gene though, I would prefer to stick to the main racing series. It's really hard to select winners for a bike race/horse race etc (JMO).

    I too want to thank you for taking on this project. While I liked playing the trifecta...I didn't feel up to the responsibility of calculating everyone's scores, so I never offered to host it last year (on FoxSports).

  4. don't use the V8's either....while SPEED are showing the races this year (woohoo, Bathurst 1000 finally!), they are a week behind with their coverage, lol

  5. Ok, so far looks like it will be a BYO for Memorial Day.

    Gene- From your mouth to God's ears. I could write press releases for NASCAR.

    As for using other races, if it isn't NASCAR, IRL, or F1, I have no clue(although I was considering doing a Trifecta the weekend 0f Feb 26-28 with the NASCAR races from Vegas and the men's 4 man bobsled finals- hey there is a NASCAR connection there).

    18 days to Daytona!!!

  6. SB, glad you're continuing the Trifecta! I'm in favor of BYO for the Memorial Day weekend. I can hardly wait for Daytona!