Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Trifecta- Another Saturday Night Edition

Greetings, race fans!

This week marks the last Saturday night race of the 2009 season. ABC will be airing regional coverage of College Football which may or may not delay the start of the race telecast; however, looking at the schedule, none of the games look to be that close.

This week's Trifecta comes to you from Charlotte, North Carolina, where it's currently raining. Qualifying is at 7pm ET tonight; there's a 60% chance of continued precip, so expect the field to be set by points. The Weather Channel says that the rain should clear out in time for Friday night's Nationwide race as well as Saturday night's Cup race.

Following Saturday night's Cup race, we'll be jetting off to sunny Sao Paolo, Brazil for the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix.

The races:

1,) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Charlotte, Friday 10/16; green flag drops at 8:16pm ET. NOTE: You may not pick the same driver for both the Nationwide and Cup races.

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Charlotte, Saturday 10/17; green flag drops at 7:41pm ET.

3.) The F1 Brazilian Grand Prix from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Sunday 10/18; green flag drops at 12:00pm ET

Players, pick your drivers and let's go racing!


  1. I'm going to go ahead and post my picks now. I've got a busy weekend, and when that happens, I usually forget to make my picks:

    NW- Tony Stewart
    Cup- JJ
    F1- Barrichello

  2. Kristen's picks(posted in last week's Trifecta):

    NW - Allgaier
    Cup - JJ
    F1 - Alonso

  3. NW - Carl Edwards
    Cup - Kasey Kahne
    F1 - Sebastien Vettel

  4. NW--Brad Keselowski


    F1--Jensen Button

  5. NW- Carl Edwards

    Cup- JJ

    F1- Mark Webber

  6. NNS - Joey Sliced Bread Logano


    F1 - Kimi Raikkonen

  7. NW = Brad Keselowski

    Cup = Tony Stewart

    F1 = Seb Vettel

  8. Ok- last minute driver changes for the Beagle(and I'll probably regret it)

    NW- Kyle Busch
    Cup- Mark Martin

  9. NW = Brad Keselowski

    Cup = Tony Stewart

    F1--Jensen Button

  10. After the Nationwide race-

    SB 1
    Tez 5
    CR 5
    jon 6
    bc525 6
    Beverly 6
    Kristen 12
    moseby 14

    Can't believe I was the only one on the Kyle bandwagon this week.

  11. I think I'll be changing Vettel after that dismal Q1 effort.

  12. is anyone watching the F1? It's absolutley hosing down there, Q2 is scheduled to begin now, some half an hour after it was supposed to, lol

  13. Tez... Yes, quite wet, and the worst of the weather is yet to come. Vettel was awesome for me last week. Unfortunately I chose badly in some NASCAR race, and my 2 #1 finishers in F1 and IRL only netted me 2nd place! So, who are you switching Vettel for?

  14. CR: I'm waiting until tomorrow so I can see what the weather is like there, LOLOL!

  15. I knew I'd regret that change. Oh well.

    CR 6
    Tez 8
    Kristen 13
    bc525 19
    Beverly 19
    SB 20
    jon 41
    moseby 49

  16. it would have worked well if Jimmie had gotten Jr's gearbox tonight, SB.

  17. So Tez... You going to go with the Brazilian pole sitter? It's coming down to you and me at the moment. What ever you do, don't pick Button! LOL

  18. Or if Jimmie and Jeffie would have wrecked each other on that last restart(there were times that it looked inevitable, but Jimmie managed to hang on).

    I look for Barrichello to do well in front of the home crowd.

  19. ordinarily, SB, I'd agree with you on Rubens....only his luck at his home race is simply horrible. I'm probably going to switch to either Sutil or the Kimster but don't know exactly which yet. They're expecting a bit of rain during the race which tells me that Webber will be cursing since he's got a more dry setup but we shall see in a couple hours I guess.

    I have 30 minutes to pick my driver, lol

  20. now saying a low chance of rain....wish they'd make up their minds, LOL!

  21. righto, we'll take a punt....Adrian Sutil, don't let me down, buddy!

  22. well that was a short day for me; Trulli tried the impossible and took out both Sutil and Alonso....useless Italian dolt!

  23. although, that means I can watch the race without being on edge, lol

  24. nice job, CR!

    and well done to Mark Webber for the victory and congrats to Jenson Button and the whole Brawn team for clinching both titles :)

  25. Final standings:

    CR 7
    bc525 14
    Beverly 24
    Tez 26
    SB 28
    Kristen 33
    jon 46
    moseby 55

    See you next week!!