Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? -- August 9, 2009

Sports fans, it's that time of week! Because of the rotten economy, we here at Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? have had to downsize, like many others. Hence, the Short Bus. However, we put a Hendrick Motorsports engine under that hood, so even though the Bus is short in stature, it's long on power. (Yeah, that last part was a little bit off; just wondering if you were paying attention). Here are a few nominees.


Mark Madsen: the Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward/domain name speculator bought the website from Daniel Goncalves, a hacker who stole the site to Madsen for $111,000. Goncalves is the first-ever target of a criminal prosecution for domain name theft. The right thing to do would be to return the domain name to its rightful owners, investors Marc Ostrofsky and Albert and Lesli Angel. But Madsen won’t surrender the domain name. For receiving the domain name by theft and not returning it to its rightful owners, Madsen gets thrown under the Bus time and again.

Rashard Lewis: the Orlando Magic forward failed a random drug test and got himself suspended for the first ten games of the 2009-10 NBA season. To his credit, he took full responsibility. However, if you are taking supplements, and you have a question about one of them, why not ask a trainer or nutritionist about them per the NBA guidelines? If you still have questions, ask your team doctor or the NBA office. Even though you did take full responsibility, you still get thrown under the Bus.


Michael Crabtree: the 49ers' top draft pick is foolishly holding out on the advice of his agent. He wants to be paid more than Darrius Heyward-Bey, the #7 overall pick selected by the Oakland Raiders. There is a reason Crabtree fell from a top 3 pick to #10: a lingering foot injury that scared off several teams. He's even threatened to hold out the entire season. I say the Niners call him on his bluff. Mike Williams did this a few years ago, and he was out of sight, out of mind. (As an aside, the Niners have his rights until the first pick of next year's draft is announced.) I have one piece of advice: ditch the agent a la Lamar Odom and negotiate your own deal. You get thrown under the Bus for holding out, and your agent gets thrown under the Bus for giving you foolish advice.


Prince Fielder: the Milwaukee Brewers' 1B attempted to storm the Dodgers' locker room, only to be held off by security. He did this in response to being hit by a pitch from reliever Guillermo Mota. Mota hit Fielder with two outs in the top of the ninth in response to a Brewers' pitcher plunking Manny Ramirez after Ramirez singled, doubled, and homered in the game. If Fielder wanted to go after Mota, he should have done so right then and there. Storming the opponents' clubhouse is a HUGE no-no. Fielder gets thrown under the Bus for his breach of etiquette.


Robby Gordon: he went idiot yet again in the Nationwide Series race at the Glen, bumping and banging with Joey Logano before finishing off his day by punting him. The scary part followed: Logano's car caught on fire as he made his way around the track. Fortunately, he got out in time. This on the heels of his tete-a-tete with David Stremme at Pocono last week. Logano, to his credit, took the high road for the most part before parting with this gem: "You can't fix stupid, and stupid is forever." The quote of the year in my book! I can envision this guy (Gordon) bumping his gums trying to rationalize his actions. Where's that dreaded Rule 12-4-A, actions detrimental to NASCAR? Gordon gets thrown under the Bus for going idiot, and NASCAR gets thrown under the Bus for not cracking down on Gordon and its inconsistency in applying the rules.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours!


  1. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I dubbed him 'Knobby Gordon' a while ago :P

    I'd throw Kyle under the bus for not being happy with the pass Ambrose made...considering he's willing to bump his way past people, he shouldn't be that upset when someone passes him cleanly, lol

  2. The New York Mets! They have a payroll that exceeds the San Diego Padres by over $100,000,000 and they dropped three of four to the Padres. I went to the game last was beautiful!

  3. jon. jon, jon-

    In the Crabtree matter, it's not the agent that's the problem.

    Crabtree is holding out on the advice of his IDIOT COUSIN who claims to be his advisor. It's this mental giant that needs to go.

  4. Michael Vick! He came to Atlanta to film a TV segment speaking to pit bull owners. This is the video link!


    Coincidentally, this headline was on the same page:

    Massive fish kill at Piedmont Park: Countless fish go belly-up in Lake Clara Meer.


  5. Tez, LOL@'Knobby' Gordon. Suits him to a tee! Kyle would be a worthy candidate.

    BB21, the Mess, er, Mets are ALWAYS bus-worthy!

    SB, I stand corrected. Crabtree's idiot cousin is always bumping his gums. He's worthy of getting thrown under the Bus, and I'm worthy because I threw the wrong guy under!

    Beverly, I wonder if it had to do with Vick giving the talk to the kids? Maybe the fish were so sickened..ah, never mind!

  6. Does Robby have blackmail pics of Brian France doing the YMCA at the White Swallow Saloon?

    Robby should have been suspended after all the crap he pulled in Montreal during and after the NW race. What an ass.

    I loved Ambrose passing Kyle CLEAN. Then Kyle wants to cry about it? Called it a dangerous move. Kyle goes under the bus for thinking that he's the only driver that can make a 'dangerous move'.

  7. You're forgiven. The sportscasters in Lubbock have decided that if Crabtree sneezes, it's news. I'm waiting for them to go into what I call "Nightline" mode- The Crabtree Holdout, Day ___.

    If he does sit out the season, will anyone draft him next year. Can he get his two years of remaining college eligibility back if he doesn't sign??????

    He should have listened to his mother and stayed in college.

  8. Logano's a pretty cool kid.

    And props to Tez and (suprisingly) Hanny for throwing the Original DF under.

  9. Kasey Kahne has got to be thrown under the bus for causing the big pile up in the Cup race today. Taking Sam Hornish, Andy Lally, Joey Logano, Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon and himself out. Real bone head move.

    Logano's quote was classic. And it is perfect for Robby Gordon.

  10. I second TSFan...Kasey, dear you are under the bus for that wreck.

    Kyle, Kyle, Kyle...Not every day is Xmas per you CC and some of the others can actually drive too ya know! Under da bus!

  11. Gene, he MUST! Any other driver that goes THAT idiot would have been fined and/or suspended. Actually, Kevin Harvick (the REAL race winner at Montreal) should have b***h-slapped Gordon in Victory Lane that day.

    SB, it's my understanding the 49ers have his rights until the first draft pick is actually announced. If he sits out the year, he'll be LUCKY to be drafted AT ALL. His college eligibility expired when he came out for the draft.

    RA6AN, he got himself a new fan in me, that's for sure! That quote is so classic, Ron White couldn't have said it better himself!

    Tsfan, congrats on Smoke winning! Kasey has GOT to go under the Bus! And so does David Stremme, who went idiot and took out Kevin Harvick yet AGAIN. Stremme thought he had all-wheel drive in his rig, lost control on the grass, and took out Harvick in the process. I wonder if Robby Gordon wore the Dunce hat while in school? Stremme has to earn the co-Dunce of the Race, along with Kahne

    Kristen, I just hit on something to add to my GBU blog: The Dunce of the Race. As stated above, the co-Dunces of the Race are David Stremme and Kasey Kahne.