Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Trifecta- The 2011 Awards Banquet

Greetings, race fans. Tonight, we will be feasting on roast duck washed down with your choice of Schlitz or Coca Cola while we hand out the annual awards.

First some secondary awards:

The "How Low Can You Go" Award- this award goes to Tez for posting the most pathetic score of the year, 102. Tez's last minute switch to McDowell in the Cup race at Homestead assured him of the triple digit score he was looking for.

The "Absolute Perfection" Award- this award goes to Kristen for posting the only perfect score of the season.

The "Methinks the Lady Doth Protest Too Much" Award- this award goes to Dwindy for complaining how he didn't stand a chance of winning a championship without a NASCAR type points system. He even wrote a blog about it.

And now for the big trophy-

The Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy goes to Dwindy. Despite his protestations to the contrary, Dwindy utterly dominated the stats on his way to 10 wins.

The Final Overall Standings:

1. dwindy 10
2. Hanny 4
3. cr 4
4. SB 4
5. jon 4
6. Tez 3
7. moseby 2
8. kristen 1

That's it for this year. The bar is open, and Dwindy is picking up the tab.
See you next year!!!


  1. Dwindy's still stuck with security since he forgot his's the time to run up the bill for him, LOL

  2. Congrats to Dwindy on the overwhelming championship run!! Your future nickname will be, 'One Time'! LOL

    Thanks to all the fellow Luggers for racing so hard all season long. It was always exciting to have something on the line in each race.

    And, a HUGE THANKS to Speedy for keeping this thing together all season long!!!

  3. CR here;

    I'd like the best Highland Single Malt this joint has.

    Congrats to Dwindy, and all the other nuts. Oh, and a special thanks to Speedy, for maintaining discipline, while keeping the competition fun! Cheers!

  4. Let me echo the KUDOS to the SpeedBeagle! Great job!...

    One Time huh?

    This after I supplied the Lone Star beer!

    BTW... When can I expect that solid gold lug nut with my name and the year engraved on it? I've been checking the snail mail... Is it coming via David Ragan and UPS?

    Thanks to all you sore losers! Naw, seriously, this is a lot of fun and it seems we don't get nearly enough of that anymore...

  5. Seriously Dwindy, Lone Star?????? Schlitz is a step up compared to that (oh well, it could be worse. You could have gotten Coors.)

  6. Cheers to our MF'in champ! (ahh shuddup Kurt!)

    Seriously...Dwindy you spanked us this year and I've got my guys working over time to catch up and surpass your brilliant pickings in the off season. Yes, I was the only one to get a perfect score but we need to redeem!
    (thats me, myself and I...)

    Thanks to Speedy as the others have said already, without you running this thing we are just a bunch of nuts!

    Thanks for the Chimay Blue Dwindy! =)

  7. I concur with everyone else, thanks for doing this again this year, SB! :)

  8. Don't have anything to add from what I said earlier. Just wanted to see my self, and not "Anonymous". LOL Really though, I got a chuckle out of Kristen's MF comment. Maybe Kurt is a bad influence on our sweet Bay area professional? I've had a great time at this awards banquet, but where's the food?

  9. Gee, that just makes me feel a whole lot better CR. (Ok, who invited Kurt to the banquet????)

    Dwindy, did you forget to pay the catering bill????

  10. Jack and Cokes on the house!!

  11. Thanks SB, for doing this! Dwindy, congrats on the season championship!