Friday, October 28, 2011

The Missing SB Trifecta....

Well, I figure that since there is three on this weekend and SB hasn't put one up, she must be having some issues preventing her from doing so :/

Trucks - from Martinsville on Saturday (I presume around 2pm EST)

F1 - from India on Sunday morning (probably around 4am EST)

Cup - from Martinsville on Sunday (around 2pm EST)

for some reason, it's not letting me link anything so I'll put the URL's here:
Truck practice 1 -
Cup entry list -


  1. Trucks..... Hamlin

    F-1 ....... Vettel

    Cup ...... Johnson

    I'm not sure if this will count as an official trifecta. I think KLV is out of pocket, and Moseby might not check in soon enough for the trucks.

  2. I'd go with the Kevfecta but he's not running in the F1 race.

    Trucks--Kevin Harvick


    F1--Jensen Button

  3. Sorry- major Halloween party tomorrow night, plus I'm giving the children's sermon at church on Sunday, so it completely slipped my mind.

    It counts if you want it to count. Dwindy won the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy two weeks ago, so the remaining races on the schedule are just for pride- although I may try some fun things since they really won't have any bearing on the standings.

  4. Let's do this.

    Trucks>> Hamlin

    F1>> Webber

    Cup>> Rain

    well, I guess Big Daddy Jeffy Pooh in the Cup race.

  5. Trucks- Dillon

    F1- Vettel

    Cup- Hamlin

  6. Hey! What's up? You havin' a party and didn't invite me? Tacos? Cerveza?

    CWTS - Sauter!
    F1 - Young Mr. Vettel
    Cup - Brad is drivin' to the Championship! (Those Ford driver's and their team orders are goin' down!)

    I was gonna bring some pulled pork burritos smoothered with sharp cheddar and some Jalisco queso... Then there's my famous Jalapeno salsa that'll fry your nasal cavity... Oh well...

  7. ???? I'm just say'in.... we don't have a quorum. Sad state of affairs. But, like the song say's, be happy!

  8. I miss my my friends, Kristen, and Tez. Tez is kind of odd since he posted this in the 1st place! lol

  9. We do have a quorum- 5 present out of 8. Tez left a message on FB. His internet went down and he couldn't get his picks in. He says he has proof that Dwindy is somehow responsible.

    Party was great. No tacos or beer. The menu consisted of meatballs in a sauce made of grape jelly and Heinz chili sauce (really tastes better than it sounds), lots of fingers, toes, and other assorted body parts all washed down with rotten apple cider (made with wormy apples) What can I say, it was a kids party.

  10. after one:

    Hanny 1
    CR 1
    SB 3
    Dwindy 4
    jon 6

  11. Driver change... since Vettel seems to be unstoppable... I'm dropping his teamate, and going with Dwindy's "young mister Vettel"

  12. Nope! Nix that. I'm sticking with Webber!

  13. After 2:

    Hanny 2
    SB 4
    Dwindy 5
    CR 5
    jon 8

    Will Hanny score the 2nd perfect score of the season? (CR would also be working on a perfect score had he not flip flopped on his driver change.)

  14. Final Standings- Hanny takes over 2nd place in the overall points race.

    Hanny 4
    CR 8
    SB 9
    jon 12
    Dwindy 22

  15. Tez here; my plan was to post after getting to my GF's place on Friday night (it was her b'day over the weekend). That idea was great until I got there and found out they'd been having issues with their modem again (if anyone offers you an ActionTec 1000H gateway, tell them to bugger off, it's garbage). So, I couldn't get online in time to put picks in even though I posted the trifecta, lol