Friday, September 30, 2011

My picks... Trifecta Oct. 1-2

Hey everybody!

For some reason I'm not being allowed to post on the Trifecta site... So I'll try it this way.

NWS - Carl Edwards
CWTS - Todd Bodine
CUP - Kyle Busch


  1. This is what I keep getting when hitting "Post Comment"...

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  2. I went to Google "Help" for Blogger and followed a couple of different sets of solutions with no remedy...

    Well... Gotta go!

    This is Dwindy1 signing off!

  3. Damn! It didn't work, he still got his picks in. Back to the drawing board, y'all.

  4. Gene,

    I've got one word for ya...


  5. Dang he figured out I tried to block him! LOL


    I dunno why you are getting those messages Dwindy...I'll make sure you are still listed as a author (which I know you are!)