Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Trifecta- When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Edition

Greetings race fans. This week, the Trifecta takes us to the Irish Hills of Michigan for Nationwide and Sprint Cup action, while the IndyCar boys and girls are living it up on beer and brats in Milwaukee.

Before we get to the races, the Commissioner of the Trifecta has a message-

There is no truth to the rumor that Dwindy was assessed a secret fine. If that were true, then the Beagle would have had her contacts replaced by now. There is, however, buzz that a copy of Chad Knaus's book, How to Cheat and not Get Caught, is making rounds in the garage area. This is a prohibited book, and anyone caught with a copy will be dealt with severely. If you do have a copy, please leave it on the steps of the black, tan and white hauler and no questions will be asked.

This week's line up: 1 SB 2 tez 3 moseby 4 CR 5 kristen 6 jon 7 Hanny 8 Dwindy

And now for the races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Michigan, Saturday June 18; green flag drops at 3:46pm ET. (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Srint Cup Series race from Michigan, Sunday June 19; green flag drops at 1:16pm ET.

3.) The IndyCar race from Milwaukee, Sunday June 19; green flag drops at 4:00pm ET.

Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. And the Beagle will be going with:

    NNS- Kyle

    Cup- Kurt

    Indy- Dario

  2. It sure felt like a penalty was assessed! LOL

    NWS - Cousin Carl "Ford's rule!" Edwards

    Cup - Cousin Carl "Ford's rule!" Edwards

    IndyCar - Cousin... No... Will Power! yeah that's it!

    Thank you SB!

  3. I think Dwindy "got the message".

    NW.... Keselowski

    Cup.... Kenseth

    Indy.... Dixon

  4. So how bad was that secret fine Dwindy?

    NW - "Don't leave me Zippy" Logano

    Cup - "Don't pick on me Gene" Junyer

    Indy - "Don't cry for me Argentina" Dixon

    (SB are you trying to jinx my team!??!) =P

  5. Kristen-

    No, I actually think Kurt has a legitimate shot at the win this weekend(besides, if I wanted to jinx him, I'd let Katie chew on her stuffed scallop shell).


  6. Kristen didn't pick Helio?! :o

    Before my picks, I'd just like to say congrats to the Bruins, they outplayed us in pretty much every game. Also, those idiots who took part in the riots...thanks for making Vancouver fans look like complete knobs, the rest of us really appreciate it *rolls eyes*

    NW - Mark "I'll still be driving when Kyle retires" Martin
    Cup - Jimmie "Tez, are you trying to jinx me before next week this year?" Johnson
    Indycar - Dario "actual qualifying instead of the dart board, woohoo!" Franchitti

  7. Scallops and Duck - Katie does eat well I must say.

    No, Tez, Helio is SUCKING! I have to win one of these dang 'fectas!

    Yea, rioting idiots are never fun - we have our share of them here too. Congrats to the Bruins, and I still owe you starbucks!

  8. All Penske weekend:

    NNS - BK
    Cup - Kurt Busch
    IRL - Helio

  9. NW- Menard
    CUP- Biffle
    IC- Dixon

  10. NW--Menard



  11. Dwindy--an extra Duck was shipped out to Katie for this express purpose...LOL!

  12. Actually, we were late getting home from church last Sunday, so Katie didn't go through the usual pre race anti-duck ritual.

  13. After one(guess who's back to his winning ways--)

    Dwindy 1
    SB 3
    CR 4
    jon 4
    kristen 6
    tez 7
    moseby 9
    Hanny 9

  14. Did anybody check Dwindy's oil pan?

  15. Hey... I'll have you know I'm drivin' Fords this weekend!

    And furthermore... I'm sure the Beagle is chewing on Cousin Carl's stuffed likeness as I type this! It'll be woe to Carl...

  16. Happy Father's Day! ...the most confusing day of the year in Arkansas. LOL

  17. After two:

    Dwindy 6
    Hanny 11
    SB 14
    jon 18
    CR 19
    moseby 20
    kristen 27
    tez 34

  18. Well for a while there it looked like the Beagle was going to pull off her 2nd straight win, but once again Dwindy channelled his inner JJ/Chad and came away with the win.

    Final standings:

    Dwindy 10
    SB 15
    Hanny 18
    CR 26
    moseby 29
    jon 29
    kristen 34
    tez 35

  19. Congrats to D-Man.... again! Great comeback from last week. Guess it's either checkers, or wreckers for you!

  20. Dang, D! Ya gonna let us win one one of these days?? LOL!

  21. WTG Dwindy!

    I told you to follow me... not pass me! I need drafting help.

  22. Congrats Dwindy! You are definitely securing your spot in the 'fecta HOF! Or possibly the rest of us just suck...either way you rock!! =)

    BTW SB - hoping you'll get this up on Thurs so those of us in attendance this week will have time to get our picks in...not sure about web access at the hotel!

  23. congrats Dwindy...we'll have to dub you Vettel based on the 'season so far' form, lol

    I just realised; F1 from Valencia so a 5am race means I should be able to watch most of it before heading to the track Sunday :D

  24. You'll get to see an hour of it tez. I bet K will want to be at the track @ 6 AM!

  25. I can't believe the success I've been having competing against all of you racing aficionados. It's unbelieveable! Thank you for the kudos!

    Now, like they say down at Tucson Arizona's U of A... Bear Down!