Thursday, March 24, 2011


Bear Down Arizona! Bear Down U of A....

Woot!! Woot!! WOOT!!!

God I HATE DUKE!! THANK GOD!!! We are finally back after losing our beloved Lute Olsen...

Doing the happy dance...doing the happy dance...


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  2. Looks like they not only beat Duke, they lambasted, devastated and mutilated 'em!

    What's the deal? The Wildcats must hate all devils! They face the Sun Devils on a regular basis but the blue garb didn't fool them last night as they laid out the Blue Devils!

    Ain't it great? Congrats Kristen! Now let's see how far fabulous goes!

  3. Oh it was so sweet to watch them pummel those Devils Dwindy! Don't know if we peaked too soon but I think we can take UConn.

    Oh Gene Gene, I couldda told ya to pick the Wildcats! Sheeshh...LOL

  4. I'm happy for the Wildcats! Only reason I've been pulling for Duke the last 4 years is that I've seen Kyle Singler play since he was in middle school. Got root for the hometown kid!

  5. Good for the Cats!! I'm pulling for ANY western team to do well, especially now that SDSU and UCLA are out. I was SOOOOO GLAD the Wildcats beat Duke!! Now beat UConn next!

  6. Ah so good while it lasted - at least we went out trying to win with those last 3 point shots. sigh. The big dance nearly always breaks your heart!