Friday, March 18, 2011

a practice trifecta

It won't count officially, obviously...but since we haven't had one in a while, I thought a training run might be an idea to get back into the swing of things *laugh*

Saturday: Sebring 12 hours - preliminary entry list
Saturday: NW from Bristol - practice 1 times
Saturday: AMA Supercross - uh, couldn't find an entry list but here is a riders guide instead.
Sunday: Cup race from Bristol - entry list


  1. Sounds good to me!

    ALMS- 01 Highcroft Racing LMP1 (Brabham and co.)

    NW- Carl Edwards

    Cup- Carl Edwards

  2. Good idea tez! (I need all the practice I can get!)

    ALMS - #1 Audi LMP Audi Sport/Joest
    NWS - Kyle Busch
    Cup - Kurt Busch

    (Kinda Busch League...) ;}

  3. GT... let me have my boys Lazzaro and Braun in the 004 Ford.

    NW.... Kyle

    Cup.... Edwards

  4. I'll go with the #7 Peugeot for Sebring...qual times are here for those interested:

    will come back later for the two others, lol

  5. oh and Gene, I'll go with class over overall order....wouldn't be fair any other way I don't reckon.

  6. I was wondering since you didn't specify... :\

  7. Since I am the classiest one on this blog does that mean I get to start first? Oh, your talking ALMS stuff arent you?...LOL

    NW - Bad Brad
    AMA - James Stewart
    Cup - Gordon

  8. Thats Jeffy G not Robby BTW....

  9. since I missed the NW cutoff as I see the cars are rolling, I'll go with Villapoto in AMA and Kyle Busch in Cup...I notice the MotoGP is this weekend too, my bad for missing that one.

  10. well dang, glad this is practice as my Peugeot is done already, lol

  11. tez...

    NEVER bet on French cars! LOL

  12. I bet on the wrong one, Dwindy...the 10 and 8 are going fine, LOL

  13. hour and a half to go, still a 3 car race between the 10, 01 and the 8....fuel mileage it may end up being :P

  14. Unbelievable! The Frenchies won? It must be the end of days... LOL

    What are the standings tez? I can't find a listing on Sebring's results...

  15. uh yes, the standings......give me a bit to figure it out, lol

  16. righto, it appears that the racing got the better of us this time as none of us ended up with a single digit final number with Kristen and myself completely out of it with the crazy AMA race (James crashed and was taken away on a stretcher while Villi didn't even qualify for the main race):

    CR - 11
    Dwindy - 13
    Gene - 15
    Tez - 30 something I think....depends how many riders are in the main race, lol
    Klv - 41