Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Motorsport Awards...Lugnuts style

Yes, it's getting to that time of year again where we (well, more 'I' I suppose since I write it...but you guys contribute too!) dish out the prestigious awards from all motorsport categories around this planet. Sadly, despite Kristen's best protests, I cannot include horseracing as they don't have a combustion engine...even though you can measure them in horsepower.

Here's the link to last years so you can see how we do this thing.

On to the categories:
- Rookie of the Year
- Race of the Year
- Qualifier of the Year (or qualifying lap of the year)
- Team of the Year
- Pit Crew of the Year
- Driver of the Year
- Person of the Year
- Personality of the Year
- Crash of the Year
- Surprise of the Year
- Miracle of the Year
- Worst looking car livery of the Year
- Bone-headed passing attempt of the Year
- Dental School Award
- Carved from stone Award
- Red Bull Award
- Lucky Bugger Award

I'm adding a few new categories this year:
The 'Anthony Hudson' Award - Mr Hudson is an Australian AFL commentator who said during a match "I see it, but I do not believe it!". This differs from the Dental School Award as this one includes those moments where you go "I bet....happens" and, not even five minutes later, it does.

The 'Top Gear' Award - their motto is 'ambitious, but rubbish' and refers to the challenges the shows Producers give them (designing a car that can be used as a space shuttle for example). This award is geared towards those people and/or teams that talked the talk but required alternate means of transport to walk the walk instead.

The 'Brett Favre' Award - no, not for 'that pass', but his comebacks instead. Whether it's a team/person who was nowhere last year but a star in 2010 or looked down and out during a race yet found a way back to the front, this one's for you.

Remember, any motorsport category can be nominated (from DTM to NHRA to WRC...I won't exclude anything) and, if you can, any links to videos would be helpful (thinking of the Bone-head awards) in making the final choices :)


  1. Geez, I don't know where to start...

    Rookie of the Year - Nationwide's Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

    Race of the Year - Had to be Kyle winning the Cup race in Bristol to sew up the weekend trifecta... Has anybody done that before?

    Qualifier of the Year - Gotta be Juan Pablo Montoya... Too bad he can't translate his qualifying prowess into wins.

    Team of the Year - Hands down, Joe Gibbs Racing. They came of age this year and watch out next year with those young guns...

    Pit Crew of the Year - Hendrick's 24/48 team.

    Driver of the Year - Maybe Sebastian Vettel... 23 years old, come from behind victory on the last race... BUT, I'm going with Kyle Busch in his first year as a team owner winning the CWTS owner's championship by winning half of the races he entered as a driver.

    Person of the Year - Hmmm... How about Chip Ganassi for his teams winning both the Daytona and Indianapolis 500 races in the same year...

    Personality of the Year - Brian France for all the guffaws keeping his name in front of us... What's next out of that guy?

    Crash of the Year - Edwards sending Brad Keselowski flying back in the wing days.

    Surprise of the Year - Marcos stalling out at Sonoma was a big surprise.

    Miracle of the Year - Jack Rouse for his quick recovery from a plane crash.

    Worst looking car - Junior's white AMP car that ran over Kermit the Frog at 200 MPH with green splattered all over it!

    tez... I've got to think about those others... I fried my brain!

    I'll be back!

  2. not so sure about Jetski at Atlanta...Webber's Valencia flyover was quite a feat, as was Coulthard's barrell rolling effort at Bathurst.

  3. Rookie of the year..
    Whoever the official was who delivered the Speeding news to the 29 crew... No veteran would dare take that news, in that race, to a contender.. how brave of that poor rookie.

    Race of the year...
    The Daytona 500 with McMurray ... I think partly because the 500 ends the long wait of the offseason.......how much longer???

    Personality of the year...
    Marty Reid on ESPN broadcasts...ha .. just kidding.. It was like watching a NBA announcer try to work Nascar for a day.


  4. ok- combustion is defined as "a chemical reaction that occurs between a fuel and an oxidizing agent that produces energy"(about.com)

    The horse feed is the fuel that when combined with digestive acids(oxidizing agent) produces energy; therefore, I submit that a horse possesses an organic combustion engine, and therefore, horse racing CAN be included in your awards.

  5. until I see a manual in the local automotive shop about how to put a horse back together, I'm not including it :P

  6. I'm sure your nearest veterinarian can provide such a manual

  7. R.O.Y..... Danica, Danica, Danica! jk, I'll take Stenhouse, too.

    Race of the year..... Spring race at Martinsville. The last 20 laps had 3 races worth of action.

    Qual of the year.... James Buescher in the Truck series always had his underfunded team starting near the front.

    Team .... KBM truck team. 1st year, and the champs!

    Pit crew... JGR #18 Cup. Nobody is fastewr week in and week out.

    Driver.... JJ. Chad doesn't actually drive the car.

    Person.... Jim Hunter

    Personality... Brad Keselowski, he'll be Kyle's only real threat for the next 20 years.

    Crash.... Elliott Sadler's engine scoring a perfect 10 for its dismount at Pocono.

    Surprise.... Jamie McMurray

    Miracle.... Shane Hmiel

    Worst paint job.... JPM's Depends car?

    That's a lot of categories for one post. Now I recall why I was awol last year. lol. More to follow.

  8. Jeez-louise...this is gonna take all night!

    ROY - I'll go with Austin Dillon with his couple of wins and a 5th place finish.

    Race of year - I'll go with my sentimental choice for the on track action and the company - the demolition derby that was Sonoma and the "surprise" finish...

    Qualifier - Sadler at Texas - one last laugh outta the cutie pie.

    Team - RCR - quite the comeback to get all three teams in the Chase and have Harvick kicking butt in "regular season" after the horrific results last year.

    Pit Crew - My Brew Crew is my sentimental vote as will lose the only sponsor most of them have ever worked for. But the real pit crew of the year has to be Danica's - fixing all those beat up cars....LOL

    Driver - JJ hands down - 9 years in Cup and has won 5x...amazing

    Person - agree with Gene - Jim Hunter

    Personality - I'll go with the only split personality we had this year - Old Kyle/New Kyle

    Crash - I'll go with Conway in the Indy 500

    Surprise - Cupcake hands down...

    (I think there might be word limit for comments...on to #2!)

  9. Miracle - again agreeing with Gene - Shane Hmiel

    Worst car -whatever that hideous red and green paint job for Old Spice Smoke had...

    why no best paint scheme?? Vortex won a lot but gotta give it to the baby seals, kittens and pony car Kyle drove!

    Bonehead pass - Gordon "passing" everyone at Sonoma...

    Dental school - Carl punting BK and putting "boys have at it" to the test with no recourse from NASCAR

    Carved in Stone - JJ rising to his 5th title when on the ropes

    RedBull - BK seemed to have the most wings this year...pick one!

    Lucky Bugger - JJ stealing the Sonoma win from the Aussie

    Anthony Hudson - ME! For calling Kyle's self destruction a few weeks ago in our chat and for jinxing drivers all season long in the trifecta. Nah...lets see...Rooty paying back Kyle or Kurt paying back Gordon - you just had a feeling on both of those!

    Top Gear - ?? Danica ?? She seems to fit the description of ambitious but rubbish??

    Farve - Harvick

    Ok my answers are a bit similar probably because I can only remember a few races! LOL

  10. bone head passing attempt.... JJ at Sonoma vs Kurt

    Dental school award... don't know what this is, but Logano should go back.

    Carved from Stone.... John Force

    Red Bull.... Edwards gave BK wings.

    Lucky Bugger... Brian Z France. Some are born to greatness... some have greatness thrust upon them... then there's BZF.

    Hudson Award... first some history. Oct 1988, Kirk Gibson hit a pinch-hit, limp-off, homer in game one of the World Series. The greatest WS moment in our lifetimes, and Jack Buck described it by gushing, "I don't believe what I just saw!"

    Buck/Hudson Award.... Kylefecta!

    Top Gear.... Rousch Fenway Racing

    Favre.... John Force. Aren't they the same age? But, one's still a champ!

  11. So does that mean that Gene is nominating the Beagle since she coined the term "Kylefecta"?

  12. I believe the Beagle should get a lifetime achievement award for the Trifecta. And a giant lugnut, made from Greenies, for coining Kylefecta.

  13. I tried to figure out a way to get Zenyatta in there, SB...I'd have to give her "racer of the year" -- I think your argument is spot on for including the ponies!

  14. well, I tried my best but the people at both Napa and Lordco looked at me funny when I asked if they had any superchargers in stock for a Palomino, or even a shiny new 6-speed sequential gearbox for a Friesian...it's not looking good for them.

  15. tez...

    Equines come standard with four on the floor...

    Down in Southern California on white paint jobs only they come with San Diego Super Chargers...

    Alrighty then...
    Brett Favre Award - Richard Childress and his RCR NASCAR team.

    Carved from Stone - Richard Petty for making it through the night that was 2010 and seemingly surviving to race again.

    Red Bull - Allmendinger at the finish of the Fall Talladega race when the "big one" happened on the final lap.

    Lucky Buggar... Jimmie Johnson has been on a long lucky streak. He has to be to keep pulling of championships against competition such as he faces. I mean good only goes so far, but luck trumps all...

    That's it for me tez!

  16. can I just say that I am apalled at no one nominating my good self for the carved from stone award...getting my first 'perfecta' of the season right when it mattered most, lol


  17. Because we all knew you were SWEATING BULLETS Tez with me breathing down your neck...LOL!!

    You can't devise an entire motorsports award blog just to give yourself and award...thats what Nascar does for Junyer every year! Its call the Most Popular Driver Award!! Woot! Love my boy!!

  18. Hmmmm...

    Rookie of the Year: Austin Dillon. That's a NO BRAINER.
    Race of the Year: Sonoma, hands down. And when you have a guy in his first NASCAR race (Mattias Eckstrom) leading MORE laps in that one race than Carl Edwards had for THE WHOLE SEASON (up to that point), that was SWEET. Plus they had the Big One RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!
    Qualifiying lap of the Year: Edwards' BLAZER at Phoenix in the fall.
    Team of the Year: RCR--they put all three of its drivers in the Chase plus had the CWTS Rookie of the Year in Austin Dillon.
    Pit Crew of the Year--the Killer B's of Matt Kenseth. (They spent the least amount of time on pit road.)
    Driver of the Year: JJ.
    Person of the Year: Jim Hunter.
    Personality of the Year: Smoke.
    Crash of the Year: Elliott Sadler at Pocono. Thank GOD for the safety improvements or we'd be eulogizing him.
    Surprise of the Year: Cupcake.
    Miracle: Shane Hmiel.
    Worst looking car: Dale Jr's pukey looking Amp car.
    Bone-headed pass of the Year: JJ's "pass" on Kurt Busch at Sonoma. That wasn't a pass, that was a PUNT. Or any of Jeff Gordon's passes at Sonoma.
    Dental School: BK.
    Carved from Stone: JJ's fifth title.
    Red Bull Award: BK (choose from either Atlanta or Gateway).
    Lucky Bugger Award: JJ, when Harvick was tagged for speeding at Homestead. (Harvick might have squeaked out the title otherwise.)
    Anthony Hudson: Jeffs Gordon and Burton, when they went UFC on each other on the backstretch at Texas. THAT was surreal!
    Top Gear: Danica, who else?
    Brett Favre: Harvick.