Friday, August 27, 2010

Non-Cup Weekend Trifecta


Trucks - from Chicagoland tonight (9pm EST)

Indycars - see above tomorrow night (8pm EST)

Formula 1 - from Belgium (possibly the best track on the planet) Sunday morning (8am EST)

Nationwide - from Montreal on Sunday afternoon (2pm EST)

pick a trio wisely...or not, doesn't really matter since it's entirely your choice I guess.


  1. Thanks for getting this up this week, tez. It's been really hectic here this week.

    My picks:

    NW- Marcos Ambrose

    IRL- Dixon

    F1- Vettel

    Note to everyone else- This will count in the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy.

  2. no worries, SB. I shall attempt to follow your lead when hosting by picking just before the first race starts :)

  3. IRL - Dario

    F1 - Hamilton

    Nationwide - BK

  4. CWTS..... T Bodine

    NW.......C Edwards

    Indy....R Briscoe

  5. ****Alert****

    Driver change

    CWTS....Kyle in! Onion out.

  6. Thanks tez!

    Indy Car- Power
    F1- Button
    NNWS- Marcos ...
    (would like to see Jacques do well. But, alas, Marcos has more experience in these cars)

  7. ***AMBER ALERT***

    Loose the Button, and give me Alonso!

  8. Truck - Austin Dillon

    NW - Joey

    F1 - Button

    Ryan Truex at Gresham Motorsports Park tonight.

  9. Trucks - Kyle "Dwindy-and-Gene-have-a-mancrush-on-me" Busch

    IRL - Helio "Needs-to-win-one-for-Kristen-eventually" Castroneves

    NW - Marcos "sure-thing-for-NW-road-courses" Ambrose

    Thanks Tez! Hope I made it in time!! Was stuck in Anger Management Course all day - and no, Smoke, BK, Kyle, Kurt, none of them were there!!!

  10. no point putting my picks up now since I'm not picking the trucks so I'll wait, lol

    for those interested, Briscoe took the pole for the Indycars with Dario alongside.

  11. lol @ Kristen... You're a funny one!

  12. Here's my picks:

    IRL: Ryan Hunter-Reay

    F1: Robert Kubica

    NNS: Mad Max Papis (he's driving for Happy this week and pretty much anyone that drives for Happy does very well)

  13. Wow! I thought we had the weekend off! Too late for the little trucks sooo,

    Indy - Weldon
    F1 --- Webber
    NW --- Villeneuve

    Now that oughta do it!

    Thanks tez!

  14. well, I'll go with:
    Indycar - Tony Kanaan...despite a ordinary qualifying, I'm hoping he can work his way up
    F1 - Lewis Hamilton
    NW - Marcos Ambrose...probably not a surprise really, lol

  15. Rolex Grand-Am race on Speed is about to start....I'll watch it since TSN2 have the NW quals on after, lol

  16. what a great shootout between Jacques and Marcos n qualifying, that was cool!

  17. After one race:

    moseby 1
    hanny 1
    klv 1
    dwindy 2
    jon 4
    tez 5
    sb 8
    athens 9
    cr 16

  18. if my calcs are correct...after two:

    Moseby - 2
    Dwindy - 4
    Tez - 6
    klv - 7
    Jon - 7
    Hanny - 12
    SB - 23
    Athens - 31
    CR - 37

  19. I don't like losing! CR, you better not do any better!lol

  20. Okay... Here's the deal. In this corner you have the road race warrior from down under... M..A..R..C..O..S A..M..B..R..O..S..E!!!
    (tez, klvalus, SpeedBeagle, and CR)

    In the opposite corner you have Montreal favorite son racing on the track named after his father...
    J..A..C..Q..U..E..S V..I..L..L..E..N..E..U..V..E!!!

    Can the race live up to the hype???

    Can Dwindy1 withstand the onslaught of four top Lug Nuts???

    Or will an interloper (Moseby's Bad Karma or jon's Mad Max or Gene's Dirty Dancer Cousin Carl or Athen's finger pointer Joey) ruin the showdown?

    How's that for a build up? LOL

  21. Alright I can't win with Mr Sure Thing Ambrose so I'll do a quick change to ..........

    SB's favorite: Carl-I'll-kill-Keslowski-any-chance-I-get-Edwards

    Lets go racin' boys!

  22. Sure... Make my big build up antiquated...

  23. tez's standings after two are correct.

    Now, let's see if I can put some drama back into this for Dwindy.

    As I see it, the Nationwide race comes down to Brad, Jacques, Marcos, Carl, and Max, BUT it's not just about who gets the win (although I am certain that moseby is pulling out all the stops for BK in hopes of getting a perfect score).

    The bigger question is how will those drivers named finish in relation to each other. Ir's going to be an interesting afternoon.

  24. well, I'm done....will Marcos come back next year I wonder?

  25. J..A..C..Q..U..E..S!!


    J..A..C..Q..U..E..S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  26. If they keep this up it's going to get dark!

  27. SOOOOO close, yet so far!!! Still, a great run by Mad Max, and congrats to Boris Said!

  28. And congrats to Dwindy on his Trifecta win (according to my calculations)!

  29. Wow! Photo finish on the track and almost one in the final standings with moseby and Dwindy fighting it out for the win. Even though Jacques finished ahead of Bad Brad, it wasn't enough to overcome moseby's two 1st place finishes in the earlier races, so...

    Congrats to moseby on his 3rd win of the season!

    The final standings:

    moseby 6
    dwindy 7
    jon 9
    klv 27
    hanny 32
    athens 37
    tez 39
    sb 56
    cr 70

  30. best race of the year....give it to it now, we're not going to see a better one in the next 12 weeks!

  31. I wish I could have a golf as low as my 70.

    Congrats to moesby!

  32. That was close! I had to record the ending and just checked it out before leaving... So close and yet so far away! lol

    Congrats Moseby!

  33. Congrats, moseby! Sorry for the fuzzy math there at the end, lol.

  34. Thanks guys! Good to get win #3 personal best.

    Nice job Dwindy - kept me sweating to the end

  35. Woot! Way to go Moseby!

    Absolutely best race of the year so far! Clean racing, no regular Cup stars with attitudes and a photo finish. Loved it!

  36. Nice win Mose!

    Special thanks to Kristen for taking my boy, Edwards late and totally jinxing him! X)

  37. You gotta admit, taking Mad Max Papis was gutsy, especially considering he hadn't done squat this year! Just goes to show by putting a quality driver in quality equipment, he'll get the job done. And MAJOR props to Kevin and Delana Harvick for putting Papis in that #33 Rheem Chevrolet and having the confidence in him that he would get it done.