Thursday, July 22, 2010

Commercials Better Than the Racing?

Is NASCAR's second biggest event turning into the Super Bowl where you probably are more entertained by the commercials...could be!

Here are a few that I've yet to see but expect on TV soon.

I swear Kyle and Clint get the best roles in these Gillete ads!

And ESPN is impressive with the campy movie references and the uber-current topic!

Are these playing in other parts of the country? I haven't seen them yet.


  1. Hmm...cannot get the YouTube videos to fit the screen right - you'll have to double click the videos to get to You Tube to watch them so you can see the entire shot...or you'll miss Kyle!

  2. Hey Kristen!

    Ain't it great? Commercials, Ads, Logos, Sponsorships, et al make NASCAR what it is.

    Personally, I look forward to the Brickyard 400 to a FAR greater degree than I do the Indianapolis 500 and I think I'm not in the minority here.

    NASCAR needs the exposure and ESPN and others are prepared to bet on them... YEA!

    This is not a bad thing. Just like the Super Bowl's commercial circus spurs on interest in the NFL generally (into areas and to people that originally could have cared less), this type of commercialism should spur on NASCAR, fan numbers should improve, especially if the race compliments the imaginative ads with good, intense racing.

    After saying all that I hate to admit that I really liked TNT running the ads and green flag racing on the same screen! LOL

  3. BTW...

    Take your You Tube embed copy to a word processor page and paste it there. Then look at the two areas that tell the embed how tall and how wide it should be. Looks like this (width = "480" height = "385"). I shrink both areas in the embed that refer to these numbers so that they both read (width = "400" height = "300") and that seems to work ;)

  4. Love these ads!!!

    Although with the race shops being in Charlotte, are they really EAST bound and down when they're heading to Talladega! LOL

  5. Ah, you have figured this site out Dwindy! Thanks for the tip on the settings for the vids.

    I think NASCAR has some of the best commercials in sports. Jr and Mikey pimping for NAPA had some classic lines, of course Jr doing Bud with Mad Max people chasing him is a classic, but there are all kinds of funny funny ads. WAY better than Superbowl!

    Yea ESPN had that one mistake but otherwise, hilarious except the #12 shouldda wrecked'em.

  6. 99...too fast exiting, pass through penalty.

    And yeah, I probably am in the minority, Dwindy...the Indy 500 has far more significance than any race on the planet in my book, lol

  7. I'm with Tez on this one. The Indy 500 is much more significant to racing than the Brickyard.

    It's good that the Stockers run there but they just don't match the open wheelers for that venue.

    So it's Tez and I in the blue corner....

  8. tez... moseby... Where's the bump and grind?

    The Indy cars might as well start in Indianapolis, drive to some point 250 miles away and drive back. The crowd would have the same sensation as just sitting there watching them go round and round afraid to touch each other... afraid to pass, afraid to whatever...

    Give me the NASCAR racing anyday!

    Just sayin'

  9. Yesterday at my yard sale, I sold a set of flannel sheets with cute little kittens on them that my daughter thought was lame and the man who bought them after his wife insisted, sounded just like Kyle in the pink jumpsuit commerical! Cute little kittens!lol