Saturday, March 6, 2010

Surprise, Hendrick Cars Fast in Practice: Bigger Surprise, Junior Is One Of Them

Could this be the week that Junior finally cashes in? It looks like he may have the goods, but he may need a little patience and luck on his side as well. Never a big fan of his, but always thought he was pretty cool and I miss his fans w/attitude. It's like they have all gone and hid. I want them back talkin' trash, it was more fun then and I'm sure NASCAR does too for ratings purposes.

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  1. Love reading your stuff, Fireball. It's always great.

    Jr Nation was loud and proud after the Daytona 500. Proclaiming, "He's baaaack." to anyone within shouting distance.

    The first lap today should be a good one. I wonder how hard Kyle will try to keep Jr from leading it?

  2. thanks Gene, I think they came back down after the last two weeks. They can get a bit crazy, but I miss that banter.

    Kyle vs Dale Jr? i want that to materialize more, it just kind of dies, sort of like the rivalry between the hammer and the nail.