Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

Sports fans, it's that time of week again. Time to call out the object of your ire in the sports world. Who has got you so in a tizzy that you CAN'T WAIT to call them out? Here, you can do that by throwing them under the Bus. And away we go, with Jimmie Johnson as the driver and my special guests, the Dallas Cowboys' beefy offensive line.

The Four Tennessee Basketball Players: these geniuses got popped for packing heat after being stopped for speeding early Friday morning. Not only that, they were also popped for an open container of alcohol and for smoking the hippie lettuce. You're part of a nationally-ranked team, with a coach striving to do what's right and doing his best to run a clean program. You brought shame and reproach on the program. Hope you have PLENTY of time in the hole to think about what you did. In the meantime, you're the first four under the Bus in 2010.

Indianapolis Colts: you had a chance against the Jets last week to go 15-0 and make a run at history. (Regardless, I didn't have the Colts coming out of the AFC; I have the Chargers.) Coach Caldwell had a chance to put his stamp on history for the ages had the Colts been able to run the table. They called off the dogs against the Jets and sleepwalked through the snow against the Bills. Now they're 14-2. That's some bad juju going into the playoffs. One and done. But before the Colts go one and done, they get thrown under the Bus for losing to the woeful Buffalo Bills.

St. Louis Rams: a sorry franchise like this should NEVER have the right to draft Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska first overall. They lost to the 49ers and clinched the #1 overall pick. Suh is the kind of DT that comes along once every 20 years. Rams, great job in laying down and quitting in the fourth quarter when the game was very much winnable. Because you're so sucky as a franchise, you should have to relocate so as to spare the fine people of St. Louis such a debacle. The Rams get thrown under the Bus for quitting and getting the #1 overall pick. They are the LA Clippers of the NFL, my apologies to the Clips. At least the Clips HAVE made the playoffs recently.

Phoenix Suns: losing to the Memphis Grizzlies, regardless of the time of the season, gets you thrown under the Bus every single time.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours!


  1. Where do I begin-
    To tell the story of how lame this team will be-
    Since they fired the best coach in their history-
    Because of a prima donna and his big shot daddy?
    Where do I start?

    Adam James and his father, ESPN announcer Craig James: Back in the early 80's, Craig James and his partner in crime, Eric Dickerson, killed the SMU football program by accepting bribes and other incentives from alumni. Their actions brought about the first ever NCAA Death Penalty. The SMU program has never recovered. Now, following in his daddy's footsteps, Adam has brought the downfall of the Texas Tech football program because of his belief that he doesn't have to put forth the effort the other players do. Read these e-mails from coaches and teammates-
    (By the way, Adam's little video shot when he was supposedly "locked" in an electrical room is a fake. Players are NOT ALLOWED to bring cell phones to the practice field.)

    Texas Tech AD Gerald Myers: This man needs to be fired- and soon. He has done nothing but decimate the marquee athletic programs at TTU. In December 2000, Myers fired men's basketball coach James Dickey- a coach who was well on his way to building a highly successful program- so that Myers could hire his good friend Bob Knight. The men's basketball program took a big step in the wrong direction. Hopefully, Pat Knight will reverse the backslide- so far so good.
    Myers also brought in women's basketball coach, Kristy Curry following the retirement of Marsha Sharp. I'm sure that Curry is an excellent coach, but she doesn't understand the particular brand of basketball played in West Texas high schools. Whereas Tech was once a national powerhouse in women's basketball, now no one gives the program a second thought. Now Myers has fired the only coach who has EVER fulfilled the promises made by the athletic department concerning the football program since the retirement of JT King as head coach. Myers cites the reasons for Leach's termination as "abusive treatment of players(the Adam James situation) and insubordination(Leach filing for an injunction to keep his job). Hey, Gerald! Exactly what did you call it when Bob Knight choked a player during practice(an event caught on tape) and slapped him upside the head? And exactly what do you call Bob Knight throwing salad on the president of the university at the salad bar of a local supermarket. Oh, that's right. Bob Knight is your good friend.

    Former regent and TTU "supporter" Jim Sowell: his e-mails to Myers and the university administration during Leach's contract negotiations last year clearly show that he had some sort of personal vendetta against Mike Leach. Mr. Sowell, the athletic department doesn't need supporters like you.

    Chancellor Kent Hance: up until now, his only claim to fame is that he is the only person to ever defeat George W, Bush in an election. Now he can add to his resume the distinction of being one of the men who helped send the TTU football program back to being the conference doormat.

  2. SB, I intentionally left off Texas Tech so you could have at it. Sounds to me like they all could go under! That's why I had Jimmie Johnson drive the Bus and the Dallas Cowboys' O-line be passengers, so they can add a ton of bulk to the Bus.

  3. jon-

    I figured you would when I told you I had several people to go under the bus this week. Hopefully Tech will do the sensible thing and hire Ruffin McNeil as head coach. Hopefully that would shorten the backslide. Unfortunately, judging from Sowell's e-mails, the university's first choice is Baylor head coach Art Briles. Gee, when was the last time Baylor football was in the national spotlight? That's right. They're not.

  4. Art *(###$(#& BRILES?? You GOTTA be kidding!! Since when has Briles won ANYTHING? (Sounds of crickets chirping in the background....) That's ANOTHER reason for throwing Sowell and the TT administration under the Bus!! With McNeil, the Red Raiders will remain competitive, perhaps have an outstanding season or two.

  5. Mike Leach was railroaded.... just like Mark Mangino was in Kansas. Guaran-frickin-tee that neither would have been fired if they were in a BCS Bowl this year.

    The one thing that bothers me about the James/Leach situation is Leach trying to defend his actions by saying that they were medically sound. That's BS, and everyone knows it. He better have plenty of witnesses and documentation that he treated other players with a concussion the exact same way that he treated James.

    Speedy...How about a post on TT athletic going ons?

  6. The two Wizard players who pulled guns on each other in the locker room. At least that is the way I heard it. lol

  7. the Aussie cricket team. After a magnificent batting display in the first test against Pakistan, they crumbled on day 1 of the second test. If Pakistan don't win this match, it will only be due to bad weather.

  8. Gene, Leach's trying to backpedal from what he did. If he doesn't like the kid, and he thinks the kid's a slacker and whiner, kick him out of practice until further notice. Then the next season, relegate the kid to the scout team, and if he whines about his role, show him the door.

    Tsfan, did these kids think it was the OK Corral? How STUPID can you be to bring guns in a public building??

    Tez, sounds good to me! I'll add the Dallas Cowboys' defensive line for greater bulk on the Bus. More weight=more power behind the bus!

  9. Well, jon, evidently from what I have been hearing lately, seems there was only one player who pulled a gun. And as of what my husband told me today, he has been suspended by the commissioner of the NBA.

  10. Tsfan, Arenas has been suspended indefinitely. Good. Now the feds are investigating this matter. When the feds get involved, it's pretty serious. Arenas is in DEEP doo-doo.

  11. I would like to order a big dose of humble pie please. The Aussies batted well in their 2nd innings and their bowlers destroyed Pakistan to somehow win the match...this is why I don't bet on sports, LOL