Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bloggers Unite!

Welcome lost, confused, annoyed and outcast bloggers from Foxsports!

(Just repeat after me...Change is Good. Change is Good. Change is Good...)

Hoping to re-create our community here at blogspot and use this blog as a space to post "group" blogs like the race chats or live blogging for other sports, the trifecta (please find William someone!), the GGW racing blogs,the Sheep Squadron, and Bolt's Name that Film as well as just a place to chat!

I have started a link to our individual blogs along the side - so use this as the "master list" of ex-Foxsports bloggers whether they are on blogspot or not. That way we can all stay in touch!

It is unclear if multiple authors can be logged onto this blog at the same time and how posting will work with so many people. We can have up to 100 authors. We will also have to decide if we all want "administrative" capability (change the look of the blog) or just have one/few folks to run it with input from all. Also if this works will have to decide if it is public or private. Can have 100 readers if private.

Hope you all find your way here. Please comment and "follow" this blog when you do so we can get a head count!!


  1. LOL Is this thing on? You can find most of the foxbloggers on facebook.

  2. Yea, problem is I dont have facebook so I cant contact them that way...feel free to tell them about this.

  3. I had an image of the Statue of Liberty in my head when I read the first sentence above... Bring me, your tired, huddled masses. Refugees from a new world order, in the land of Fox.

    I'm not on facebook. Too many communities on my plate now. Anymore, and my head may explode!

  4. Great job, Kristen.

    CR.....YOU'D LOVE FACEBOOK and Mafia Wars! Take your frustrations out on other thugs and get away with it! lol

    This is my blog I posted last night trying to bring in new converts! lol

  5. Great idea, Kris! I'll let some of the non-NASCAR folks from Fox know.

    I would like to be a fan-addict.... not a lug-nut.

  6. Yea! The email invite appears to work. Apparently I did not need your gmails...sorry! Work in progress.

    CR - welcome to the refugee camp. 3fan and I had a convo last night about having too many accounts open too.

    Bev - I saw your blog and it put the fire under my butt to actually get something up!

    Gene - Thanks for alerting the others - they may need an "invite" from me to get on so give them my email and I'll make it happen.

    Too bad your a lug nut.

  7. I am here. Don't know how but here is I.

  8. Hey Photo! You is here, there and everywhere! Glad you got in ok...

  9. We have "groovy" tunes? I feel at home...

  10. Hey Lori -- glad you got in here ok...seems to be working but we'll need to put it to the test on a race chat blog or something to see if we can all be logged in commenting at once!

    Yup, groovy tunes inspired by your blog...except we dont actually have any tunes yet!

  11. Checking in. Don't think I have anything to offer in the writing category. But will follow everyone's blogs.

  12. Hey moseby! Make sure you "follow" the blog (upper righthand corner is the button...) it will make it easier to find for you.

    Dont need to blog -- we cant live without your comments and participation in trifecta, race chats etc...

    Glad you found us...

  13. It is ok if Gene is a lug nut as long as it's the Right Side.

    Me, I'm just old hot air trying to be cool new nitrogen.

    Go Greeeen baby

  14. So this is where the cool kids hang out.